Vijaya Pratap

 The real Arabian getaway: Oman

Tucked away in the southern coast of the Persian Gulf, Oman has many hidden gems such as Jebel Sifah to offer

02 Nov 2019

Glory lost and found: Rajbari Bawali

Resurrected from scratch and restored to grandeur, a stately mansion beckons tourists in West Bengal.

17 Aug 2019

The rooftop repertoire

No matter your drinking style, there’s always a lofty lounge to match and a view to go with it in New York City

10 Aug 2019

Eat, drink & walk

Astoria in Queens, New York has lots of places for the food and drink connoisseur

03 Aug 2019

Chandalika Charms: A timeless Tagore classic comes alive on stage

Presented in Kalinga Cultural Centre by Bala Tripura Sundari, through her dance school, Chandalika mesmerised the audience who sat through the 90-minute ballet with rapt attention.

31 Jul 2019

A timeless tradition

Solemn and silent, Saher Agiary Fire Temple in Mumbai is an epitome of the peace-loving Parsi philosophy

27 Jul 2019

Klook on my phone and Ghiza on my plate!

Home-cooked Afghani and Pakistani cuisine served at “Ghiza Kitchen” in Bangalore is earning rave reviews from connoisseurs.

20 Jul 2019

Glory to the Lord

Ganpati Bappa’s address in Mumbai is in finding the deity in his most splendid form at Siddhivinayak Temple

06 Jul 2019

Mumbai: The city of fortune

Holding stories of success and enormous struggle, Mumbai is a fairy-tale place of decadent pleasures and luxuries that lie right next to poverty and pain.

29 Jun 2019

Sufi in the palace

Singers enthral guests at Taj Falaknuma Palace; their rich voices and rustic charm melts away urban stress.

15 Jun 2019

5 more things to do in Switzerland

Marvel at stunning vistas of the countryside through Swiss Rail, and get the thrill of a lifetime walking on Europe’s highest suspension bridge!

08 Jun 2019

Five things to do in Switzerland

The renowned Central European country has a host of attractions for young and old alike.

01 Jun 2019

Fabled friends on stage

In the second part, while the cowherds unknowingly enter the mouth of the demon Aghasura who took the form of a python, Krishna comes to the rescue and saves them along with their cows.

29 May 2019

Celebrate French style!

Expositions, scientific symposiums and European-themed courses revive the spirit of the Renaissance on its 500th anniversary this year

25 May 2019

Taichung Artistic and Futuristic!

Planned and developed by the Japanese, Taichung boasts of adorable themed cafes, night markets and more!

18 May 2019

To the Immortal Saint, with love!

Despite the heat, enthusiasts immersed themselves by singing and dancing to classical tunes in a tribute to renowned music composer Tyagaraja

15 May 2019

Tea for the soul, dumplings for the tummy!

Tea processing is meditative – removing stalks from the tiny tea buds is a stress buster!

11 May 2019

With ‘Bhav’ in every move, danseuse Shobana steals the show

Danseuse Shobana’s recital in collaboration with Carnatic vocalist Abhishek Raghuram was an evening to remember

08 May 2019

Napoleon Bonaparte: Small Frame, Huge Fame!

The military giant was a brigadier general at 23, and within a couple of years, became the leader of the French Republic and crowned as Emperor

27 Apr 2019

Notre Dame: Burnt, only to rise again!!

The most famous of the Gothic cathedrals of the Middle Ages, Notre Dame has recently suffered a devastating fire

20 Apr 2019

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