Vinay Sahasrabuddhe

Democratising honours and overcoming colonial shadow

Even after 75 years, the virus of inferiority is afflicting our confidence. The shadow of colonialism is so dark & deep, preventing us from telling world that we won’t dance to tune of global giants.

03 Feb 2022

Rahul and how dynasts distort democracy

Of the 50 political parties with representation in Parliament or assemblies, except a handful like the BJP and Communist parties, all others are dynasty-driven and this is scary

07 Jan 2022

Didi’s dreams will stay that way. Period

Once a young firebrand who courageously challenged the draconian rule of the Communists, sadly today Mamata has failed to write any new chapter in Bengal’s governance history.

08 Dec 2021

India has started to assert its soft power

The impact of colonialist thinking was deep-rooted. But the New India is drawing confidence from its philosophy, traditional knowledge and culture.

10 Nov 2021

70 years after the birth of Jan Sangh

Post-Independence, it was the Congress system that was in place for more than a decade, till the creation of the Bharatiya Jan Sangh, the earlier avatar of the BJP

13 Oct 2021

The value that Prime Minister Modi adds

A merging of democracy and governance, particularly state capacity, is the only way to achieve developmental goals. What Modi has done is exactly that

17 Sep 2021

Olympics and how political will matters

Unlike the usual approach of ignoring specific needs of specific sports, the sports administrators this time adopted a policy of need-based assistance to all.

23 Aug 2021

What is needed for democracy to deliver

The centrality of the idea of capacity building of elected representatives cannot be undermined as if democracy is failing the people, elected politicians are failing democracy.

20 Jul 2021

Social media eats into its own vitals

The most important issue is whether social media intermediaries are just platforms or if they are into publishing, as they are using a kind of editorial prerogative. ... 

04 Jun 2021

Reform to transform education

The Centre had announced an NEP that was welcomed by most. The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Education has recently completed a comprehensive review process

11 Mar 2021

Education: Why the show must go on

Many industries are opening because of such souls; factories are being unlocked and the discussion has veered now on to when and how schools will reopen.

24 Aug 2020

With whom is the Congress fighting?

The grand old party must remember that when a neighbouring country tries to challenge our sovereignty, our fight is with that aggressor, not the BJP.

30 Jun 2020

Modi 2.0: Mastering the art of implementation  

The concept of good governance is not confined to formulation of well-planned policies.

30 May 2020