Of land scams, political posturing and antediluvian rules

Kerala claims to be the most advanced state in the country, riding as much on a clutch of human development indices as on its super buying power of expensive jewellery, white goods and fancy automobil

09 Apr 2018

Miracles happen, but Kerala may not be ready for many in 2018

The onset of 2018 would have been witness to a rash of ‘Happy New Year’ resolutions being made in Kerala as in other parts of the world.

08 Jan 2018

The great Indian administrative tale, told in Kerala

Visiting the State secretariat on a Wednesday is often a gainful exercise, purely from the news-gathering point of view, what with the buzz among the bureaucrats, post the weekly cabinet meeting.

20 Feb 2017

Despite Kerala’s 100 per cent bank coverage, no daily-wager will take a cheque

Close to a month has passed since the great demonetisation -- which I shall abbreviate to demone for brevity -- and the results in Kerala are a mixed bag.

05 Dec 2016