Vyas Sivanand

Endeavour to change the ‘face’ of India

Subsequently, we worked and trained in Paris in the field of obesity management and launched Carboypentherapy in India.

21 Oct 2019

From child labourer to aerospace engineer

About 45 km from Bengaluru, Desapandeguttahalli village offers a unique contrast.

01 Jul 2018

He teaches hockey and a lot more to deprived children

When this star hockey player decided to introduce sport to underprivileged kids, he not only engaged them in play but also taught them to dream

20 May 2018

Business of Kindness

Bringing social mindset and commercial aptitude together, a BPO is elevating lives of differently abled

25 Mar 2018

On the Bike and Giving ‘Back’

A surgeon is pedalling to gift a renewed life to the underprivileged with spine problems

11 Mar 2018

A Ballerina’s pursuit

Yana Lewis has been teaching ballet to underprivileged children, giving them an experience of joy which they never knew

26 Nov 2017

Hands full with the art of empty hands

State’s first civilian Black Belt in Karate is taking art of self-defence to schools and beyond

10 Sep 2017

Divas in a man’s whirl

Tradition prohibited her from pursuing a passion for Yakshagana, but Gowri Srinivas, a banker by profession, was not one to give in. She believes that art has to change with times

06 Aug 2017

A Slice of Shaolin

His students call him Shifu, a rare martial arts title for an Indian, earned under the watchful eyes of Shaolin’s Kung Fu monks

25 Jun 2017

The youth brigade

According to him, it was in 2013 when NIMHANS took up the youth empowerment initiative.

27 Nov 2016

Bengaluru man hasn't used Cauvery water for past 21 years

He has taken the RWH project as a mission and successfully implementing it in thousands of households in the state.

18 Sep 2016

'Every agent and publisher had issues with my writing'

Bestselling author Ashwin Sanghi was in town to launch his business thriller The Sialkot Saga

29 Aug 2016

In search of bloom or gloom in the womb

Two doctors take up the challenge to create prenatal awareness among clinicians and would-be parents through technology

31 Jul 2016

Taming cancer

With 70 per cent of cancer deaths occurring in India and China, an oncologist is on a mission to fight the disease through his hospital, research ideas and community initiatives

24 Jul 2016

Keeper of the vedic faith

A chartered accountant-turned-pundit wants the government to recognise priesthood.

11 Jun 2016

Ankle Bells Tinkle Again

Bharatnatyam dancer A Kusuma is back to her passion after eight years of pain and agony

07 May 2016

The Dancer Who Kept Her Promise

Kusuma lost eight years to a mystery ailment. But her passion gave her hope.

20 Apr 2016

Charting a Flight Path

Two Bengaluru CA\'s let enthusiasts \'fly\' aircraft in a real-time flight simulator.

05 Mar 2016

Event Uses Robotics for Creativity

It also aids concentration and problem solving, says the organiser of the contest.

15 Feb 2016

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