Did ‘Firms’ linked to Dera chief Ram Rahim clear slush funds?

The link between a Punjab based chit fund company owner, who was jailed last year and Ram Rahim is likely to be probed for benami investments to get to bottom of the Dera’s affairs.

29 Aug 2017

In surgical strike 2.0, family planning incentive gone

Sterilisation—the mode of controlling the exploding population—always evoked controversy since the days of Emergency. Now, another storm is brewing over it.

20 Aug 2017

China faces split into seven parts

The so-called unity within the Chinese Communist Party is in tatters as all three factions are involved in a bitter feud.

16 Aug 2017

War’s in the air

Away from Doklam, China is likely to target strategic locations in Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Uttarakhand, fear intelligence agencies

13 Aug 2017

Parched poor: No countryside for drinking water

The war for water has spread to the well-quenched corridors of power. Only 20.7 per cent of the rural populace has enough and safe water supply.

16 Jul 2017

China to keep pot boiling till Novemeber

The brief meeting between Modi and Xi during an informal gathering of BRICS leaders in Hamburg last week raised hopes of a resolution to the complexity involving Doklam plateau.

09 Jul 2017

Modi wants ministers in office, not in courts

Government is the biggest litigant in the country. The Prime Minister wants to put an end to it.

09 Jul 2017

Delhi's bizarre land laws under government scanner

The Centre has asked the home ministry to examine and abolish primitive statutes enacted for Delhi just after Independence

02 Jul 2017

Government looks beyond 2019

Both men flashed a smile and seemed at ease last week while flanking NDA President nominee Ram Nath Kovind at Parliament.

25 Jun 2017

The Great Gambler, Narendra Modi, ends BJP’s 15 years of Vanvas

The electoral gains sent a clear message that the party with PM Modi at Raisina Hills has moved beyond Vajpayee government’s performance in 2002.

11 Mar 2017

Congress' 'Untold Stories of Demonetisation' to expose Modi government

Congress’s high-powered seminar will focus on difficulties faced by the poor in the hinterland, job cuts, impact on artisan, farmers, trade.

28 Feb 2017

Office -ISI's fake notes unit to print better fake Rs 2000 bills

All the ISI detachments in Lahore region is known to be involved in circulation of fake Indian currency through third party countries.

19 Feb 2017

EXCLUSIVE: After Mallya, arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari slips out to London

It is suspected that Bhandari might have reached London via Nepal, evading a look-out notice issued against him; his escape may give fresh headache for Centre 

22 Dec 2016

How two Pakistani handlers oversaw suicide strike code-named ‘marriage’

 Just like 26/11 Mumbai attacks, the terrorist handlers based in Pakistan were glued to Indian TV channels watching live reports of the Pathankot terror attack on January 2, 2016 that was codenamed ‘m

20 Dec 2016

Cabinet Secretary tells ministries to junk cash, make digital transactions

Even as the demonetisation of high-value banknotes remains a political flashpoint, offices in South Block are battling to provide financial access to people.

20 Dec 2016