5 Ways to stay healthy after 40

Published: 07th March 2018 12:37 PM  |   Last Updated: 07th March 2018 12:37 PM   |  A+A-

By Online MI

When you are nearing 40’s, it’s time you pay close attention towards your health. Medical science has proved that if neglected, your body tends to deteriorate with age especially after your forty.

So consider your 40th birthday as a milestone to redefine your lifestyle and give a kickstart to healthy habits.

Remember there will always be important things that will demand your attention be it your family or job, but if you can’t keep up with your health, none of it will matter. Take out a little bit of time for yourself and plan your health.

You need to stay healthy after your 40’s to ward off health issues like poor eyesight, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure and Uric acid.

Although, we don’t expect you to change your habits and lifestyle in a day but the sooner, the better!

So here we have a list of five best ways to make sure to keep you healthy even after you turn forty.

 1.      Check your eyesight: Your vision, if unchecked can worsen with you reaching forty. Yes, that is true. If you are not able to read the label on a Medicine or fine prints on a newspaper, you have to get your vision checked before it’s too late. The Forties is the age when you become prone to nearsightedness.

 Doctors suggest taking a diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins, and minerals( mostly found in red vegetables and fruits) will help to slow down the vision loss and muscular degeneration.

 It is suggested to secure your eyes from too much sun exposure and prevent damages to your retina. Harmful rays of the sun can increase your chances of cataract. So you must wear your sunglasses.

 2.      Monitor your vitals: When you reach your 40’s, it is advised that you keep a regular check on all your vital stats like blood sugar, blood cholesterol, blood pressure, blood urea and your body weight. “It is important to understand the reason for regular monitoring” doctors suggest.

 “People having high blood pressure are at risk of cardiac arrest and kidney failure” say the experts. Regular monitoring will help you identify your weak spots, and you can consult your doctor if any irregularities are found. Thereby,giving you a better margin for treatment and prevention.

 3.      Know your family’s medical history: Family genetics play a vital role in your health. It’s the same genes that are passed on to you, Right! So by the time you reach forty check your family tree. Look for people you have medical conditions like heart problems or cancer. Yes, it is critical you pay close attention towards the cancer genetics in your family tree. If you find such history in your family it’s is advised you get tested for the same type of cancer before it’s too late. Remember prevention is better than cure.

 4.      Exercise to maintain body muscle: Exercising is essential we all know, but do you know that a human body loses 1% of its muscles every year after it reaches 40 years of age. Now, this is important. So when you enter forty, start exercising for some time every day to stop this muscle loss or at least prevent it.

    You can take help from the exercise videos of famous fitness trainer David Michigan. Learn exercise that will help you maintain your body weight. Apart from this exercise that can maintain flexibility like doing yoga can be very beneficial. Even if it calls for a lifestyle change, still I corporate it. It’s for your benefit.

 5.      Add lots of fiber to your diet: When you start ageing towards the forties, fiber should be your best companion on the dish. Science says that when human body ages, its metabolism decreases, that means a decrease in BMR, metabolic irregularities, constipation and poor bowel movement.

Adding a lot of fibers and fluids to your diet will help you maintain your metabolism and improve digestion. As you age, higher calories are not required so you can easily include fewer calories and add more fiber and fluids instead.

Well, I suppose after reading this you will start paying more attention towards improving your total health and include these five ways to stay healthy after you celebrate your fortieth birthday.

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