What Light + Building Trade Fair 2018 means for the future of innovation

Online MI | Published: 08th March 2018 06:43 PM

As a biennial event, the Light + Building Trade Fair 2018is making the right noises. Scheduled to be held from 18th - 23rd  March at Frankfurt Germany, the event will showcase some of the most innovative designs and technology in the field of building automation, electrical engineering, lighting, and civil engineering software.

Around the world, there are talks about energy conservation and sustainable living. Mass urbanization and development in several pockets of the world are raising very poignant questions regarding energy distribution and conservation. Innovation and development in the domain are therefore relevant for the present generation as well as the subsequent ones to lead a comfortable and fulfilling life.

Improving Energy Conservation Through Smart Grid System

It is estimated that on an average 30% of energy is wasted by most commercial buildings. This wastage not only has an infrastructural bearing, it also increases the cost of operations and over time is a threat to the environment. However, with sensible distribution system like “smart grid” and “smart metering”, this problem can be adequately addressed. 

Smart grid technology has had an overhauling impact on the electricity service industry. This technology has come a long way since the first alternating current power grid that was installed in the 1886. The traditional grid system had inadequacies and was often not able to keep pace with the rising energy demand. Therefore, smart grid is the answer to reliable and efficient electrical infrastructure.

As one of the largest symposium for electrical engineering, Light + Building Trade Fair 2018 is an opportunity for enterprises to showcase their innovation to the world. Deployment of smart technology will have an overhauling impact in the following ways -

●     Will make electrical transmission efficient and reliable

●     Reduce infrastructural burden and cut the cost of operations 

●     Allow the deployment and integration of peak shaving technologies

●     Improve security

Efficient and Cost-Effective Lighting Display

Luminale lighting design is yet another interesting aspect of the event. In fact, it is aptly dubbed as the “world’s largest stage for the lighting market”. Some of the most well-known brands in the world such as DelightFULL, Escofet, Bajaj and many others are due to participate with their innovative and breathtaking light designs. Visitors will get to see light components, accessories, outdoor and indoor light designs. These lights are not only futuristic in terms of design, but also in technology. LED lights are said to be 90% more energy efficient and cost effective, and are widely used in homes, public spaces and commercial buildings.

Home and Building Automation

Home and building automation is no longer an elusive technology, it is in fact rampantly incorporated by commercial buildings and individual homes. The primary reason for this is the comfort factor attached to it, followed by its ability to save cost and cut down energy consumption.

Through a network of integrated systems, it is now much easier to control different aspect of modern living. IoT technology, for instance, allows consumers to control the lighting, heating, air-conditioning and purifications systems of their own homes in the most efficient way.

The event will offer an all-round overview of these technologies, which is regarded as the future of sustainable living.

Concluding Thoughts

The motto of this year’s event is “Connected – Secure - Convenient” With time, technology has made our life convenient and secured. Our physical environment, which comprises of our home, office and public spaces, needs to be optimized in a way that it improves the quality of life without destroying the environment. The Light + Building Fair offers that opportunity. So, be prepared to be bedazzled!

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