Use the right deo to avoid allergy

The deodorant or deo, which has slowly found an important place in our toiletries, is often considered to be a harmless essential in our everyday lives.

But there are certain times, and with certain deodorants, when many of us have faced irritation or underarm rashes. In the event when it happens, we mindlessly replace one brand of deo with another.Take a minute to think about it.

Are you using the right kind of deo? Dr Sachith Abraham, consultant dermatologist from Cosomoderma Care says, “Some of the elements used in the deo and antiperspirants like Parabens, used as a preservative, aluminium and even elements of fragrance cause allergy in people leading to rashes or contact dermatitis.”

The active ingredient in antiperspirants is usually aluminium based, which reduces sweat by causing obstruction of the eccrine sweat glands. “If the allergy persists, people should go for a patch test to identify what exactly is causing the allergy,” adds Dr. Abraham.

Statistics point out that 4 per cent of the people have fragrance allergy. Dr Abraham says, “Initially we give a steroid ointment to bring down the rashes.

But we cannot put people on medication so that they use deodorants.

"I would advise people to discontinue the use of the deo if it continues to cause allergy.”

Dr Abraham believes in moderation. He says, “Anything used in moderation does not cause problem. There are also other ways of staying fresh. Deo or no deo, taking a bath is the best.”

The scientific research community had raised an alarm recently with its various studies and reports that the continuous use of deodorants and antiperspirants can lead to breast cancer. Dr Abraham puts to rest the controversy once and for all saying, “Many studies have disproved the claim. Actually there is no conclusive study to say that a deo can cause breast cancer. The deodorants and antiperspirants which are available in the market is safe for use. But anything in moderation is advised.”

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