Bengaluru: 24-year-old pens book on life, hired as professor

The Rhythm of Silence, a book written by Ruthuparna Sharmam, has thirty simple stories that convey ways of leading one’s life.
Ruthuparna Sharmam
Ruthuparna Sharmam

BENGALURU: The Rhythm of Silence, a book written by Ruthuparna Sharmam, has thirty simple stories that convey ways of leading one’s life. “Life is a teacher and when you are ready to learn, it has always something to teach you. Inspired by this thought, I have written this book,” says this young professor at the Jain College, who was hired after another faculty read his book and recommended him.

He says that the title of his book is about a state of being – of being one with infinity. The book helps you get there by answering simple questions such as purpose of an individual, how to celebrate every moment and how to overcome fear.  

The book has already won appreciation and was officially launched by Goldy Malhotra, educationist, writer and painter and Sonal Jindal, founder and director of MEDUSA, at the Oxford Book store in Delhi
on March 17.

Ruthuparna Sharma is an M Com graduate from Christ College and teaches Mind Management at Jain College. He is also a state-level tennis player, theatre artist and businessman.His vision, he says, is to make every human being “dream big and bold”. He has also conducted various workshops across the state “to bring out the best in every individual” that was well received.

“A friend of mine was very depressed. When I asked her the reason, she told me her boyfriend dumped her. After analysing her situation, I felt love is such an important aspect of life, to keep one’s life on the right path. Love need not be restricted to a boyfriend and a girlfriend. It can be between a mother and a daughter, love between friends and so on,” he says.  If love of one person can be a pillar of strength, then receiving love across the globe and vice versa would be more strengthening, he adds.He also started a blog that focusses on various observations on life.

After writing the blog for three and a half years, one of his friends suggested he write a book. Ruthuparna  went to Wayanad for three days and completed the book there devoting six to eight hours per day.
“All I wanted to do was write. I had never maintained notes during my college days, but now I didn’t want to stop. I never knew writing could come so easily to me,” says Ruthuparna.  

The book was read by one of the faculties of Jain College and his name was referred to the college, to be considered for the professorship. According to him, getting a book published does not mean literary success, but a writer putting down his thoughts to paper is literary success.  The self-published book
costs Rs 175.His book is being sold in a few book shops such as Ankita in Basavanagudi and on online stores such as Amazon.

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