Something Old, Something New 

By Tunir Biswas| Express News Service | Published: 26th November 2022 06:47 AM
Ranveer Singh

BENGALURU: The winter wedding season is here and for the men, it has brought with it a whiff of nostalgia. Bringing back trendy elements from the ’80s, this season gives the modern man a vintage touch with certain newly-added components. 

“It is the wedding season and a lot of people are asking for various stuff. But the common element has been an increasing demand for double-breasted suits. They used to be quite stylish in the early ’80s but now they are back in a big way. Also, the trend of people wearing tight-fitted clothes is not there anymore. People are opting for more comfortable fits,” says city-based fashion designer Bassam Osman. 

Aside from the resurgence of double-breasted suits, Partha Randhir, fashion designer at Pomp And Plush Weddings, feels mirror work has come into men’s wear, which used to be an anomaly before. “While double breasted suits are definitely back but more than that, mirror work has surprisingly become a part of men’s groom fashion. That’s a very new trend and hasn’t been done before,” shares Randhir. 

Adding to Randhir’s point, designer Ramesh Dembla feels bling has become a part of men’s groom wear as well. “Bling used to be generally associated with women’s fashion and men used to think twice before wearing anything shiny like that. But today, men are donning everything bling from the jackets to the chains and necklaces. I think men are now ready to try anything and don’t have any gender-specific fashion barriers in front of them. It’s a good step everyone is taking,” says Dembla. 

Regarding the coming back of ’80 trends, city-based stylist Vani Agarwal feels this is because of the cyclical nature of fashion. “Owing to the fact that fashion always keeps coming back, current trends are taking inspiration from the ’80s and ’90s. That precisely explains the return of the three-piece suits. On top of that, detailed work like zari and mirror work is a reflection of royalty and class,” concludes Agarwal.

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