Modern Jewellery: A Personal Touch

From poetry-infused designs to botanical wonders, these Bengaluru designers are redefining what it means to wear jewellery with their unique and thoughtful creations
Modern Jewellery: A Personal Touch

BENGALURU: Gone are the days when jewellery was merely about opulence and aesthetics. Today, it embodies personal stories, beliefs, and that ‘something more’ that defines one’s identity. In this space, Bengaluru-based designers are crafting connections that nurture a deeper bond between the wearer and their accessories.

Inspired by the design philosophy of ‘wear your emotion’ Bengaluru-based silver jewellery brand Quirksmith creates collections that range from empowering stories to daily affirmations designed to help you feel closer to your ideal selves. “My sister and I were raised in a nurturing environment that encouraged us to share, especially with our father,” reflects co-founder Divya Batra Das, adding, “He used to share these sayings that kept me going. I thought that more people might need this affirmation and that was where the idea of ‘wear your emotions’ developed – to incorporate these words into jewellery for others.”

Das believes that today’s generation seeks authenticity and meaning above all else. “People are becoming more sensitive. This generation cares about the story behind the jewellery, who is making it, and its eco-friendliness. Authentic thought and intent have become important, especially for the younger generation, who want their purchases to reflect their beliefs,” says Das.

Echoing this sentiment, designer and co-founder of the Bohemian Store, Ishani, says, “Every piece I design has a story behind it. It’s not just for the sake of beauty. There is a symbolism behind everything.” Ishani’s collections are rich with ancient symbols like the hamsa (swan) and the evil eye, aimed at infusing spirituality into everyday accessories. Choosing brass as her primary material is a nod to ancestral practices. “The designs are already there; I just bring the story to people who want to wear something they believe in,” highlights Ishani, noting that many of her customers are largely from metros – Bengaluru and Mumbai.

Pallavi Foley, a bespoke jewellery designer, also believes that many people seek a way to connect with their faith and make it part of their tangible selves, as exemplified by her collection ‘Wear Your Prayers.’ “It should connect with you on different levels, making you feel strong and give you a positive vibe. It shouldn’t feel like something cold and impersonal. The clearer the expression, the easier it is for people to communicate their identities,” shares Foley.

When it comes to forging identities through jewellery, Supriya Donthi, a nature enthusiast and founder of the botanical jewellery brand Leafy Affair, began her unique journey eight years ago. “When I first started, botanical jewellery was something that did not exist at all in India,” she explains. Donthi’s passion for nature and background in biotechnology led her to create pieces that encapsulate bits of nature, such as daisies and dandelions, in resin lockets. “It took me a long time to build the category itself, and it is only in the last few years that people have started discovering us,” says Donthi. Her collections are planned around seasons and occasions, with flowers chosen for their symbolic meanings. Among some of the popular pieces are forget-me-nots for romantic couples and four-leaf clover bracelets, which gained popularity after being mentioned in the hit K-drama Queen of Tears. “Our generation values meaningful associations over material things. Jewellery has to mean something to them,” emphasises Donthi.

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