Future Tense!

From opting to work from home to deferring meetings, B’lureans are awaiting the outcome of the Lok Sabha elections with nervous excitement
Future Tense!

BENGALURU: It’s T minus zero to the Lok Sabha results and people are anything but calm. The questions keeping them concerned are many: Will there be a new government or will the existing one continue in power? What are the new policies that will be introduced? How are the results going to affect the stock market? The questions are endless. To keep a close watch on the election results, many are opting for work from home or keeping their day low-key to see how the results pan out.

“I have been following the exit polls and feel like Modi could be back in power. Out of the leaders we have, he has dared to take some risky steps; some have paid off, and some have backfired, but at least there was some effort put in. It is going to be quite interesting to see the development,” says business consultant Biplab Mohapatra, who is among those who have opted to work from home to follow the results.

Shilpa Mishra, development sector professional, does not want to ‘miss the buzz’ either. “Lok Sabha election results or an India vs Pakistan cricket match feel the same. Following up on who is leading and who is trailing is a ritual at home. It will be interesting to see if Congress breaks that jinx and who will be the next PM. So it’s a mixed emotion,” says Mishra.

Rohith Sarcar, a photographer by profession, has postponed all his meetings by a day. An anxious Sarcar also has his eye on the stock market. “The results will directly affect my investments. The markets have been fluctuating since Monday. If there is a new party coming to power with new policies, then I am concerned about losing money,” says an anxious Sarcar, who is planning to follow some of his like-minded friends to follow the results.

Satish Das, who also likes to trade, is following the results for personal reasons. “By 12 noon, the trend will be clear and stock markets will start to reflect the results. Modi 3.0 term is expected to be the term of game-changing reforms. So, the next 100 days are going to be interesting once the Modi 3.0 government takes charge. There is very little probability of NDA not getting majority but the market has not factored this,” says Das.

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