Shot on a smartphone

A 23-year-old recent graduate is holding a workshop on the art of making films on the phone
Filmmaker Ridah Zaman
Filmmaker Ridah Zaman

BENGALURU: If there is one thing that is impossible for you to leave the home without, it is probably your phone. One device you would constantly use to capture a moment is again is your mobile phone. A tool of convenience, the phone has advanced to the extent that an entire film can be shot on it.

Filmmaker Ridah Zaman is holding a workshop to hone the art of filmmaking on mobile phones. More than filmmaking, it is the art of storytelling that the working will be focusing on. “The initial thought was to teach storytelling because it is a skill that helps in any field,” says Zaman.

The medium became a mobile phone because of its convenience. “It just made sense to shoot on a smartphone because it’s something that is accessible to everybody. A regular camera needs additional sound, more time and more skills to pick up,” she adds.

Having graduated from film school last year, the 23-year-old hopes to break the myth that people have that filmmaking is an expensive affair. “If you are passionate about filmmaking, don’t think of money as a constraint. There are many other ways you could start filmmaking,” she signs off.

(The workshop is being held between May 13 and 15 at the Museum of Art & Photography, Kasturba Road)

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