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It was touching to see the Gen-Z children concentrate more on their parent (sometimes even a father) and less on the gobble-de-gook that the Archie’s card franchise doles out.
Madhav Sehgal and Puneet Dhawan
Madhav Sehgal and Puneet Dhawan

BENGALURU: Mother’s Day came and went (thankfully) without much hoopla this time. It was touching to see the Gen-Z children concentrate more on their parent (sometimes even a father) and less on the gobble-de-gook that the Archie’s card franchise doles out. This generation of kids is dealing with a new phenomenon. ‘Stay-at-home’ dads or fathers who work from home if the mom is working too. My daughter and her hubby, follow this hybrid model of if one goes to the office, the other works from home, giving their child the security of having one parent home at all times. If their schedules overlap because of travel, the very well-trained ‘nanny’ fills in the blanks.

We had a very spirited podcast with a mixed group of older mothers and the younger ones, and it was very apparent that the new mothers (thankfully) also put themselves first! It was a warm and intimate exchange of ideas and of a newer way to raise children. The discussion was a compassionate sharing where each group understood the pressures that they had to deal with. But, one thing was clear…as grand-moms, we couldn’t mess with Gen-Z’s ‘Mary Poppinsesque’ nannies, as they were an integral aid to the young parent’s family dynamics!

I spent Mothers’ Day with my son at The Four Seasons Hotel sipping champagne, listening to music watching some artists at work and partaking on a fabulous oyster brunch! We met up with other friends, some mothers, some not but all of them with that special something that makes one ‘like a mother’…the hormone estrogen!

Ananya Somani,Lygia Correia,Tanvi Mehta
Ananya Somani,Lygia Correia,Tanvi Mehta

Rain in namma ooru played hide and seek, flooding some areas and leaving some bone-dry. But the temperatures did plummet and for the first time after ages I slept without the air-conditioner. I remember the days when I used to service the air-conditioners only because dust had settled in their vents as we barely used them! Now I balk at the astronomical bills I have to pay to remain cool! So, it was with a sense of trepidation that I accepted good friend, Tammy Ben-Haim, Consul-General of Israel’s, invitation to celebrate their Independence Day by the pool-side at JW Marriott. Luckily it wasn’t a very balmy evening and the space was large enough to accommodate the large turnout of guests and dignitaries that attended.

Puneet Dhawan, head honcho of Accor Group of Hotels, has been a dear friend for many years now. We have kept in touch and tried to meet ever so often throughout his whirlwind career which would have him globe-trotting at the speed of light! We were pleasantly surprised to hear from him out of the blue where he wanted to catch up for dinner on his ‘one-night-only’ stopover in Bengaluru. Over dinner at Bastian (the newest uber-chic restaurant in town), he broke the news that he was now ‘Asia-Head’ for a large conglomerate, Minor Hotels which had a portfolio of over 150 hotels under its umbrella! There was non-stop celebration after that, as we were so chuffed at this one-time ‘Bangalore-boy’s’ achievements. We landed up at the exclusive speakeasy ZLB, at The Leela Palace where the party continued till the wee hours. There is truth in the fact that its aptitude, not attitude that determines ones altitude.

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