Is it chicken or fish? No, it's mock meat!

Meet Marieen, who has started her own brand of mock meat called VeggyMEAT and is the only person in Chennai who prepares mock meat at home

Marieen, a ‘strict’ non-vegetarian some years ago, is now a different person. She turned a vegan in 1995 when she co-founded the PFA (People for Animals) along with her friend in Chennai.

However, since Marieen loved meat, she decided to make something that is NOT meat, but tastes, looks and feels just like meat!

Around eight years ago, Marieen did a lot of research and made ‘mock meat’ at home and it was only a year ago that she came up with her own brand of mock meat.

“Most of the mock meat that is imported and sold by many outlets is not purely vegetarian, as it has egg white, whereas homemade mock meat is prepared from soya protein and wheat protein without any milk products,” she says, emphasising that “it is guilt-free, cruelty-free, cholesterol-free and fat-free.”

The homemade mock meat is full of protein and is a perfect substitute for protein drinks and meat, says Marieen, who also makes VeggyPROTEIN that doesn’t look or taste like meat and is meant for those who don’t like the feel of meat.

All these dishes are frozen and have to be stir fried like any other frozen food.

Marieen charges Rs 250 for 250 grams of any mock meat dish.

Her VeggyMEAT menu  also comprises NOT beef broccoli, NOT chicken nuggets, NOT meat south masala, NOT fish spicy south fry, NOT sausages, pineapple and bell pepper NOT chicken, NOT mince rolls and much.

Her nexts? Vegan cheese and of course, a vegan cafe soon!

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