Presented With a Sensitive Delineation

CHENNAI: He is a solo bharathanatyam performer based in Canada. After his initial training with Mandala Arts in Vancouver, he is now receiving advanced training under noted senior dancer A Lakshmanan for bharathanatyam and under Bagavathulu Seetharama Sarma for Nattuvangam. Sujit Vaidya, who has performed in the contemporary dance festivals in Canada and won the Vancouver Mayor’s Award as the best accompanying dance artiste, presented a dance programme for Brahma Gana Sabha recently. It was clarity that marked the dance performance of Sujit Vaidya, which was presented with a sensitive delineation, thereby indicating his hard work. When he danced for the number Ananda Natana Prakasa, a popular composition by Saint Muthuswami Dikshitar in Misra Chapu Talam and Kedaram Ragam, his desire to cling to the puristic resonance of bharathanatyam came to the fore. In the varnam Innum Enneramum, a composition by Lalgudi Jayaraman in Charukesi Ragam, his overall artistry with apt abhinayas and execution of jatis with perfect synchronisation were revealed. But his presentation also gave away his straightjacket approach to tutelage, indicating the need to internalise the bhava of the execution.

In the song padam Chitike Vesite, a composition by Sarangapani in Kalyani Ragam, his attempt to reveal the lyrical excellence, with expression and serenity, was however, appreciable. As a fitting finale, his presentation of a thillana in Khambira Nattai Ragam composed by TK Govinda Rao with clear rhythmic sallies, divulged his dogmatic pursuit of typical tradition.

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