I cannot be faulted for scientific temper: Surendran of Karuppar Koottam

Karuppar Koottam’s Surendran says his arrest is politically motivated, to create clash in the name of god
Surendran Natarajan filed a bail petition before the Madras High Court on Wednesday (Photo| PTI)
Surendran Natarajan filed a bail petition before the Madras High Court on Wednesday (Photo| PTI)

CHENNAI: Surendran Natarajan (33) of Karuppar Koottam — who was arrested for posting a video that allegedly depicted Hindu deity Murugan and Kandha Sashti Kavcham in bad taste — has moved a bail petition in the court claiming that his arrest was politically motivated. He contended that the complaint, filed by BJP Legal Wing headed by advocate R C Paul Kanakaraj, was made with the ulterior intention to gain political advantage and to create a clash in the name of god.   

He argued there was no requirement for his arrest. It has been lodged giving a complete go-by to the legal requirements and the law laid down by the Supreme Court. It has been filed by abusing the process of law for ulterior motive. The petitioner says he is a journalist, and that the analysis and criticism made by his YouTube channel is well within the democratic liberties, and cannot be construed as an offence. 

The communication and the expression made by the media is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution. A duty is cast upon every citizen of India under Article 51A(h) to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform. The expression made by the media or press or any citizen in criticizing the use of obscene words in  any form in public, can never be blamed or faulted. 

No offence can be made out against him, he said. In support of his contentions, Surendran owing allegiance to the Dravidar Kazhagam, cited an order of a division bench of the High Court dated September 4, 2019, which among other things, had stated that the DK has every right under the Constitution to fight for social justice in eradicating inequality, right for upliftment of women and downtrodden people, express views on religion and existence of god.

Rajini hails govt
Chennai: Actor Rajinikanth on Wednesday appreciated the State government for its action on Karuppar Koottam. The actor’s statement, which came days after the person involved was arrested, revived the issue. Rajinikanth’s tweet strongly condemned the video and said it had hurt the sentiments of millions 
of Tamils.

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