A fair of innovation

The selection process for participating companies involves active outreach and product searches.
A fair of innovation
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CHENNAI: The architecture and interior design world is abuzz with anticipation as the Architect and Interior Expo 2024 returns, which promises a special four-day exhibit. Positioned as an accessible event, the expo attracts attendees eager to discover new and innovative products, particularly for interiors. The goal is to offer something valuable to everyone, including individuals working on small projects. “I want this exhibition to serve companies and a wide audience. The aim is for everyone to benefit from the expo and gain something useful from it,” comments J Sathish, from the organising committee of Big3 Events.

Despite the rise of online exhibitions, the organisers believe in the importance of in-person attendance to truly appreciate new products. In view of the online market, Sathish draws a parallel with the cinema industry, noting how OTT platforms have impacted traditional cinema and compares this to the influence of online facilities on the architecture and interior design industries.

The selection process for participating companies involves active outreach and product searches. Over the years, the organisers have built a network and know the history of their participants. Companies are often drawn to the expo through business references, making it a sought-after event for showcasing new products. Over 120 companies including Zipco, Venus and Tata Tiscon have set up their stalls.

Sathish shares that the 2024 expo has seen significant changes. Notably, 70% of the participating companies are new compared to last year, with only 30% being repeat participants. This shift ensures a fresh and dynamic exhibition experience for attendees. “Exhibitions like this help us in getting more customers and a wider reach. We started off with a small space, and over the years, we have grown significantly, and that is because of exhibitions and the architects who have believed in us and our products,” says Lakshmi, the joint director of TEC Steel Craft.

Exhibitors at this year’s expo aim to achieve good business and attract visitors to their stalls, aligning with the primary goal of the event. For the audience, the expo offers a chance to see innovative products firsthand, ensuring a valuable experience. Sathish says, “We are hoping for a footfall of around 10,000 people, consisting of industry professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs and homeowners.”

This exhibition is solely focused on product showcasing, with no conference component. Sathish believes that conferences often distract from the exhibition, as attendees typically only visit the conference sessions. By focusing exclusively on the exhibition, the event ensures that people come to see and interact with the products and exhibitors.

“A lot of customers are skeptical about online shopping and prefer to take a look at the products for themselves. By walking into the expo, they can physically see the products for what they are. For companies, this helps in building customer trust,” shares Abhinaya, the digital marketing executive at Ghoshak, a business solutions company.

Looking at the future, the organisers are committed to enhancing the exhibition year by year. They aim to increase financial growth and improve the overall quality of the event, ensuring it remains memorable and impactful for all participants.

The expo is on till June 23 at Chennai Trade Centre.

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