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Jallikattu agitators in Chennai continue to be self-reliant for food, water

The agitators have steadfastly remained independent in arranging food, water and cleaning the leftovers at Marina.

published : 20 Jan 2017

PIL against ban on Jallikattu seeking special law to be enacted

Although it sounds similar to the Spanish running of the bulls, it is a totally a different one.

published : 19 Jan 2017

Data consumption skyrockets at Marina beach due to Jallikattu protests

Such was the volume of data generated during peak time – between 7.30 pm and 9 pm – that consumption was 39 megabytes per second (mbps) as against the normal of just 12 mbps, 

published : 19 Jan 2017

Chennai IT corridor buzzes with Jallikattu anti-ban stir

The IT community, generally regarded as the most aloof from social issues, has now shed its inhibitions and come forward to stand shoulder to shoulder with other Tamils to protest the jallikattu ban.

published : 19 Jan 2017

Chennai’s techies from IT Parks across city join Jallikattu protest today

The protest started around 8 am in the morning on Wednesday outside these IT parks, following the circulation of a poster invite via WhatsApp and Facebook.

published : 18 Jan 2017

Jallikattu protests: Madras HC declines to 'interfere'

The court made this observation when a mention was made by an advocate K Balu in the open court about the protests at the Marina on the Jallikattu issue.      

published : 18 Jan 2017

Six reasons why Chennai's Jallikattu protest at Marina beach is unique

With no single organiser or a political party back up, and social media being one of the strongest points, the Jallikattu protest at Marina is unique for more than one reasons. 

published : 18 Jan 2017

Chennai’s Marina beach turns into Tahrir Square for Jallikattu democracy

A small crowd which gathered opposite to Vivekananda Illam for more than 24 hours swelled as the day progressed to nearly 2,000 through vigorous social media campaigns.

published : 18 Jan 2017

Massive gathering on Chennai's Marina Beach in support of Jallikattu

It started with a handful of people at around 6 AM in the beach opposite the Vivekananda Cultural Centre

published : 17 Jan 2017

Hundreds gather in Marina Beach in support of Jallikattu

With hardly a few people at around 7 AM in the morning, the crowds swelled as time passed and by estimates it could go over a thousand by noon.

published : 17 Jan 2017

It’s men in khaki who are reluctantly playing jallikattu, often at great risk

The Supreme Court on the one side and angry bull owners (and their agitated bulls) on the other. Caught right in the middle of this conundrum — where duty mandates that they nab the men, but survival

published : 17 Jan 2017

HC throws out Karti plea to nullify ED’s summons

 The Madras High Court has refused to quash the proceedings of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) against Advantage Strategic Consulting Private Limited.

published : 06 Jan 2017

Expelled Rajya Sabha MP Sasikala Pushpa’s husband faces AIADMK cadre’s ire

The AIADMK supporters roughed up expelled Rajya Sabha MP Sasikala Pushpa’s husband, who turned up at the party headquarters here on Wednesday.

published : 29 Dec 2016

'One morsel for Sheela, one for Saamu', Jayalalithaa played ball with her caring nurses

“People call her an iron lady. But what we saw in those 75 days was her soft, caring side,” says CV Sheela, one of the 16 nurses who cared for the late Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa at Apollo Hospital

published : 08 Dec 2016

Meal scheme in State tied to my joining AIDMK: Jayalalithaa's debut speech

The translation of the first speech by the late CM on June 20, 1982 after joining the party, at an event in Cuddalore.

published : 07 Dec 2016