Unique and Timeless

Manish Malhotra talks with us exclusively about his new High Jewellery collection 
Unique and Timeless

Manish Malhotra’s recently launched High Jewellery collection is his most exclusive offering yet. With a futuristic artistic vision, Malhotra calls upon the fresh concept of the ‘Diamond Bride’ as he highlights the eternal charm of diamonds and the vision of an unparalleled bridal experience.
Aimed at redefining the code of the modern heirloom, this collection definitely deserves a place of pride in anyone’s jewellery box.

An exclusive chat with the designer on the same:

Tell us in detail about the High Jewellery collection.

High Jewellery collection is my artistic representation of heirlooms reimagined for the modern era. It’s about balancing heritage with glamour, traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics, and timeless allure with the boldness of now. The guiding force behind the collection is the idea of a ‘Modern Heirloom’. The collection is designed for the bride of today — a woman who is rooted in tradition but is not bound 
by it.

What can one find in the edit?

From haathphool to nose rings, from maang tikka to chokers, and from necklaces to bangles, each piece has been reimagined with vibrant gemstones and diamond cuts. In this collection, you’ll discover pieces like our Zaria, Ina, Inara, Elira necklaces, Asena and Azara creations, each bearing our signature armour cuts, adorned with emeralds, the brilliance of diamond cuts, Victorian flair, Mozambique rubies, and South Sea pearls. These creations make for a perfect addition to the modern bride’s trousseau.

What was the idea behind the collection?

I’ve dressed so many brides and seen how their eyes light up when they wear something deeply connected to their culture yet speaks of their style. That’s what High Jewellery is about — taking the time-honoured traditions and giving them a modern twist, making not just a piece of jewellery but a contemporary reinterpretation of its roots.

What are the jewellery trends this wedding season?

I’ve noticed a rising trend among my bridal clients towards maximalism and a strong desire for bold, statement pieces that reflect their personal style. The combination of emeralds and diamonds has emerged as a top choice for the modern bride. The timeless allure of diamond cuts like our signature Armour in addition to the Victorian, and brilliant cuts has made a remarkable comeback, infusing a touch of vintage charm with a contemporary twist. It’s fascinating to see how my Zaria emerald and diamond necklace, worn by Kiara Advani, has captivated the attention of brides, igniting a newfound interest in emeralds and vibrant gemstones.

Since it’s about maximalism, how overboard can one go with jewellery?

While maximalism is about making bold choices, it’s crucial to maintain a balance. Going overboard can take away from the elegance of the attire. I would advise the brides to opt for pieces that amplify their personalities without overwhelming their looks. Striking a balance between your wedding attire and jewellery is pivotal to your bridal look. When you have a heavily embroidered or sequined dress, classic jewellery set in contemporary compositions, for example, diamonds and emeralds, make for a stunning combination for the modern bride. Your choice between traditional and contemporary styles will guide the design — classic and intricate for the former and sleek and geometric for the latter. Focus on quality, not quantity. Ultimately, your attire and jewellery should resonate with your personality, making you feel confident and beautiful on your special day.

Can you suggest bridal jewellery for different face shapes?

For brides with round faces, long earrings can create an illusion of length. Those with heart-shaped faces could opt for teardrop earrings. Consider the neckline of the outfit while selecting necklaces.

What is your pick for the bride’s family and bridesmaids?

For the bride’s family and bridesmaids, the goal is to complement, not compete with the bride’s style. Bridesmaids can make a unique statement with pieces like our Azara necklace studded with rubies, which would beautifully contrast with ivory or pastel outfits, creating an offbeat and experimental look. For the bride’s family, timeless diamond pieces are the way to go. It conveys a sense of tradition, subtly tying the family together visually. Remember, the focus is on enhancing the overall aesthetic of the wedding party without drawing attention away from the bride.

What are your upcoming plans for your jewellery brand?

The vision for our jewellery brand emphasises on creating modern heirlooms, showcasing our rich cultural heritage in each design while also looking towards the future. We also plan to introduce our clients to more exclusive and rare gemstones because we believe that jewellery, much like the person wearing it, should be unique and extraordinary.

How differently does Manish Malhotra High Jewellery stand out in the crowd?

I poured my heart into each creation of our High Jewellery line to resonate with this generation’s individuality. Shifting away from conventional heirlooms, I have infused modernity and timeless elegance into each design. Quality, exclusivity, and rarity are our hallmarks. They aren’t just pieces of jewellery; they are personal statements. The blend of tradition and innovation weaves together to create 
these modern pieces. 

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