Forensic analysis indicates Swiss woman's body was stored in Santro car

Swiss woman’s murder: Forensic team finds blood stains, hair in car allegedly used in crime
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NEW DELHI:  The forensic analysis of the Santro Car of Gurpreet Singh, an accused in the murder case of a 29-year-old Swiss woman, has revealed that the body was present inside the vehicle.

According to sources in the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL), Rohini, one of their teams had analysed the said car which was used in the commission of the crime and lifted all evidence and exhibits which proved that the body was stored in the vehicle for some time.

"The FSL team lifted all the exhibits from the car like a chain, blood stains, and hair strands," the source told The New Indian Express.

The victim woman, Nina Berger, possibly hailing from European Country Switzerland, was allegedly strangulated in Delhi, her hand and legs tied with a metal chain and later her body was wrapped inside a black plastic bag and dumped alongside the road.

Police have arrested a 30-year-old man named Gurpreet, a resident of Janakpuri in west Delhi, who claimed himself as a jilted lover of the Swiss national.

During initial interrogation, Gurpreet told the cops that the victim had arrived in India some 10 days back on his invitation as he had befriended her a couple of years back through social media. He killed her as she refused to marry him.

However, as the interrogation of Gurpreet is proceeding further, it is coming to the fore that he is trying to mislead the cops. "He is changing his statements every then and now. Initially he claimed that the murder was committed by 2 more people, however, within a few hours, he also confessed killing the woman all by himself," official sources said.

It is because of his contradictory statements, the police went ahead and conducted his psycho-analysis test, the report of which is still awaited.

Pertinently, the police had also found more than Rs 2 crore at the residence of the accused in Jankapuri. When the cops dug further, they even found huge transactions being done by him through his bank account, prompting the investigators to inform the Income Tax and Enforcement Directorate officials.

It is these high-value transactions and unaccounted cash found at the residence, that the cops are now thinking that the case might be related to human trafficking or even whether the victim was also part of the racket.

The woman on whose name Gurpreet had bought a second car was also a sex worker, as claimed by him. However, the police are yet to find that woman.

According to the sources, the examination of the mobile device of the accused revealed that he was in touch with at least a dozen women who were also foreigners, a piece of evidence that possibly links the case to the police's human trafficking theory. Moreover, the cuts, and some burn marks on the victim woman's body also indicated that she was probably tortured by people.

The cops have also recreated the crime scene by taking Gurpreet to the same location where he murdered the woman and later chained her body. With this the police are trying to understand the sequence of events that ultimately led to the horrific murder of the woman.

Even the locks and chains, with which the woman was found tied, were bought just two days back by the accused from a market in west Delhi. The exact shop from where these things were bought is yet to be found out.

Meanwhile, the autopsy of the foreign woman is yet to be conducted. Only the family members of the deceased woman can give their approval for conducting a post-mortem. Sources say that the cops have informed the Swiss Embassy, however, are yet to get updated in the matter. The autopsy is of utmost importance as it will convey the cause of death. ​

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