Troubled with life, hurdles in love? How fraud ‘baba’ emptied purses in Delhi

Harun would ask solution-seekers to transfer money to different account numbers through UPI.
Harun, aka ‘Bengali Baba’ apprehended by Delhi Police.
Harun, aka ‘Bengali Baba’ apprehended by Delhi Police.(Photo | Express)

NEW DELHI: “Obstacles in love marriage?”; “Get rid of mistress”; and other similar catch-phases appear on newspaper ads. These were some of the attractive solutions to ‘daily-life problems’ which Harun alias ‘Bengali Baba’ used to offer.

The audacious part of his schemes; he got such advertisements published in newspapers tauting himself as a ‘Tantrik Baba’ (occultist) providing solutions to myriad concerns; family issues, relationship turmoils, business hassles, and what not. The advert also mentions his mobile number for the desperate to reach out.

And business was booming. Desperate and superstitious people came to ‘Baba’ with their problems. Harun, all pompous about his ‘tantric’ abilities used to assure them of foolproof solutions to problems. But first, a monetary sacrifice had to be made.

Harun would ask solution-seekers to transfer money to different account numbers through UPI.

Once the money was received, Harun used to begin his act. He recited mantras over calls, making the unsuspecting individual on the other end of the call to think their problems would be put to rest. But all this was only a gimmick.

As days passed on and there lives remained unchanged without slightest resolution of their conflicts, the desperate victims would contact Harun again. The latter had all the assurance. But before further ‘tantric’ action, he would demand more money.

When victims refused money, he would threaten to exterminate them, families and all.

Following a series of frauds, 37-year-old Harun was first booked for cheating in 2018 at Safdarjung Enclave police station and in 2019, the Saket Court declared him as a proclaimed offender (PO).

“Keeping in view the pending cases against proclaimed offenders who are evading the process of law, we constituted a team which launched an operation to apprehend the POs who are evading the criminal liabilities,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (south west) Rohit Meena said.

The police received a tip-off regarding Harun after which his four years of elusiveness finally came to an end and he was sent behind bars.

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