'Then, there is a spiritual realm...': A toast to feeling good

Of late, I have begun to understand what makes this complex management a tad bit easier.
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To know that there are multiple ways to live well on life’s physical realm can sometimes be overwhelming. Keeping up with health, finances, while being functional and swiftly juggling between travel, work and comfort, and on top of that managing the web of relationships for all kinds of needs.

Then, there is a spiritual realm! Here, there is an instinctive overriding understanding of the need for harmony among all the dimensions of life. Sometimes, that too can seem a lot, but who ever really said that the earth plan is easy? But this is what we have all signed up for.

Of late, I have begun to understand what makes this complex management a tad bit easier. It is not the habit of ‘discipline’ as I have always thought. It is actually self-love. With discipline you might put yourself through punishing regimes without really being connected with yourself. But, it is the self-love that teaches you to be there for yourself! It teaches you to hold hands, be compassionate, appreciate and even bear a hug, when required.

Slowly, we learn to enjoy the routine. We learn to be grateful for being alive and cleverly channelling the super-fuel of gratitude to get through the mundane, the challenging, the sad and the happies! And suddenly, the boring bank calls get done, the mean boss becomes tolerable and even receives a compliment on his slightly absurd yellow tie, the workout stops feeling endless and the date-sweetened chocolate begins to taste as good as the real thing.

Now upgrade to the fun stuff. Creativity is not the birthright of a few tattooed, blue-haired, intense individuals. It is the only ocean, available for all of us to drink from, even when we are not thirsty. Drink lots! Be creative in your words, thoughts, dressing, love making, eating, hiring and firing, choice of driving routes, anything and everything. Feel those ‘feel good’ endorphins doing the samba inside you! Now you are living! Sending love and good wishes your way!

Anupamaa Dayal

This fashion designer is about happy clothes and happy homes for happy women

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