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The tagline for this collection, Hack Your Stack, gives the power to you to build your jewellery stack the way you like it
Stackable jewellery
Stackable jewellery

I for Isharya’s new collection is all about joie de vivre. It encourages a love of accessorising through playful layering, empowering you to effortlessly curate your signature stack.

At the heart of I for Isharya is the belief that jewellery should conform to the wearer, not the other way around. Each design is specially crafted to transition from day to night, work week to weekend escape.

We speak to Gauri Tandon, co-founder, Isharya, to know more about the collection.

“Our tagline for this collection, Hack Your Stack, gives the power to you to build your jewellery stack the way you like it. Even the name was chosen because this line is for you, no matter what your personality and style aesthetic. All of our pieces in this line are stackable and made to mix and match so that you can create a unique jewellery signature of your own,”says Gauri.

Describing the design process behind creating the diverse aesthetics within the collection, she says that with each style — Pop Girl, Romantic Girl, Punk Girl, and Golden Girl — they wanted to create something for everyone. “The Romantic Girl style is full of hearts, lips and sparkle for the irreverent, lively individual, whereas the Golden Girl style is for the girl who loves to wear stylish golden jewels and so on. While the designs might be distinct from one another, they all have stackability in common and one can easily mix and match them for any reason and season,” she says.

You will find statement pieces as well as classics in the collection. “We’ve done this deliberately so that no matter how your build your stack, there’s a good balance. Additionally, we’ve made sure to include some colourful styles and some metallic ones so you can always customise your stack according to your colour preference. I personally like to take one statement piece and then layer it up with some of the other minimalistic classic pieces, be it for the ears, neck or wrist,” she explains.

In this collection like any other, the brand has innovated with the materials and colours. “We’ve used colour plating, stretch enamel and more to bring out unique colour stories like never before. We’ve also used our 18k gold plating for every piece and made it all hypoallergenic like the rest of our jewellery to make sure it’s safe to wear,” adds Gauri.

Price starts at Rs 1,499.

Available online.

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