Natural baby remedies

If your baby suffers from red bottoms and nappy rash, air those bottoms and better still avoid diapers for some time.
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Image used for representational purposes only

Are you a young busy professional balancing home, work and a newborn baby? Do you suffer from innumerable questions like what’s good for your baby’s skin and what’s not? For example, how do you get rid of a nappy rash naturally? Does your baby look as if s/he has a pigmentation problem? Do you hesitate in using products off the supermarket shelves? Read on to find some simple and natural home remedies for your babies.

If your baby suffers from red bottoms and nappy rash, air those bottoms and better still avoid diapers for some time. Massage those tiny buttocks with pure warm coconut oil and let them sunbathe for 10-15 minutes but don’t roast those bottoms for God’s sake! Many young couples also have nightmares about pigmentation. A baby’s skin can be looked after with milk and pure products.


Massage your baby after two to three weeks with almond or warm coconut oil. Also you can make a combination of these two oils, I have seen it works wonders.

If your baby is very hairy at birth, don’t worry it will soon disappear but you can make a mixture of 2tsp whole-wheat flour and enough almond oil to make a dough. Rub this very gently on the skin.

Every child has a cradle cap. Be very gentle with the skin of the head. Massage with warm almond or coconut oil and leave it overnight. Next day shampoo and rub the scalp gently. Most people worry that when the cradle cap comes off your baby will start to lose hair…but this is only natural and the babies’ growth is really not affected at all!

Sleep time

Once your baby starts following a regulated sleep timing, it is important for you to regulate yours too. Sleep when the baby is sleeping.

Mouth care

Massage your babies’ gums with honey.

After bath care

Very often mothers have noticed that after bathing the baby’s body becomes more dry. Avoid body powdering and instead apply baby oil after a bath to keep the skin soft and smooth. You can dust pure sandal powder if at all you have to.

A baby’s nails are usually very soft and it is often dangerous to let them grow too long as the baby may scratch his or her own face. This can be quite painful. Either trim the nails or snip them with a baby nail cutter after the baby is fast asleep. Now that you have some simple and easy tips for your newborn, start to tackle parenthood with a smile. Until next time.

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