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With ‘K(n)itted Out’, the iconic Abraham & Thakore brand is making its debut into soft, breathable knits
A play of patterns
A play of patterns

David Abraham and Rakesh Thakore of Abraham & Thakore, the veteran designers known for revolutionising traditional Indian clothing, have taken a bold step by venturing into soft knits. Their inspiration this time is quite fascinating — a colony of ants that build arcane structures, bits of binary flocked on ivory. Inspired by this intricate tapestry of nature, David and Rakesh, have brought out their latest collection — ‘K(n)itted Out’. This marks the brand’s debut into soft, breathable knits that redefine contemporary fashion.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the edit offers a curated selection of silhouettes essential to the modern wardrobe. Designed for layering, mixing, and matching, the collection features solid, geometric, and quirky prints on soft shrugs, delicate dresses, snug T-shirts, and relaxed zouave pants.

This collection is crafted from a blend of lycra and tencel, promising year-round comfort. Emulating the luxurious feel of silk while retaining the breathability of cotton and tencel yarn, derived from sustainably sourced natural wood, the materials became a natural choice for the designers. Not only does it offer a smooth texture, but its moisture-wicking properties also ensure unparalleled comfort in any setting.

“This collection embodies our commitment to sustainable fashion without compromising on style or comfort. Each piece encapsulates the essence of easy-yet-elegant cuts, standing apart from the realm of fast fashion,” shares David.

The collection brings together elements of tradition and innovation, creating a harmonious blend of east meets west, and black meets white sensibility. “With this collection, we aim to offer individuals the freedom to express themselves effortlessly while making a conscious choice for the environment,” says Rakesh.

The geometric and quirky prints featured in the collection reflect current trends in fashion by offering versatility and individuality. “Geometric patterns have been prominent in recent fashion seasons, while quirky prints add a playful and personalised touch to outfits. By incorporating these elements, we cater to the contemporary consumer’s desire for expressive and unique clothing options,” says David.

This collection is for the urban Indian individual who values both style and sustainability. “They are likely to style these pieces in many ways, from layering soft shrugs over delicate dresses for a chic daytime look to pairing relaxed zouave pants with snug T-shirts for a comfortable yet sophisticated ensemble. The edit’s emphasis on mix-and-match versatility allows wearers to express their personal style effortlessly while making a conscious choice for the environment,” adds Rakesh.

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