Perfect Match

Hand-made ceramic dolls from My Cute Mini present palm-sized gifting options. You can order for them by simply logging on to their Facebook page

HYDERABAD: A sure hit with the narcissists, My Cute Mini offers ceramic dolls with customised sculpted faces on options like the Hulk and Barbie figures. Started as a Facebook page over a month ago by Sri Hari Charan, the dolls are made out of a special combination of clay and resin. “One of the best ways to connect with people is to give them a piece of themselves,” says the painter and sculptor. Promising durability, the dolls are usually seven inches tall (to a maximum of one foot) and a special silicon material is used for the body while freshly heated and baked clay and resin combination is used for the face. With a team of six artists, Charan offers figurines that are playing golf, hockey or dancing. “Your face can be attached to the body of Shrek, Hulk, Iron Man or even a Barbie doll,” he says. With maximum orders from Chennai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai, Charan informs, “We get a lot of orders from women between the age groups of 20 and 40 for birthday parties and weddings, where people ask for dolls of couples.” He assures plans to launch an e store and a brick and mortar in the city in the next two months.

Priced from Rs 3,900 onward. Delivered in 20 days. Details: 9551904831, www.

Head Knockin

This Mumbai-based company, owned by Sohal Khatwani and Aejaz Lokhandwala, has on offer ceramic dolls with a sculpted, wobbling head called bobbleheads. Depicting doctors, judges and sports stars, they also have celebrity bobbleheads under their theme ‘avatars’, which include Shah Rukh Khan and Super Man. Priced from Rs 5,999 onwards. Details:

The Ultimate ‘Kopie’

Started eight months ago, Pondicherry-based Avleen Kaur specialises in porcelain dolls with custom-made faces. These dolls are 12 cm dolls high and can be ordered with the ready body moulds or can also be custom-made with different dresses, hair styles and stances. Priced from Rs 3,500 onwards. Delivery takes 30-35 days. Details:

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