Bringing Justice to Women

HYDERABAD: Mahatma Gandhi is remembered for the his teaching, non-violence being one of them. On the eve of his birthday, My Choices Foundation’s Operation PaceMaker has collaborated with Zariya, a website that encourages and helps women report sexual violence, which will be launched today.

According to a report, in India, one in 100 women who have faced sexual violence report it to the police. The Zariya website promises to help connect women to people who can help them – from counselling to legal aid – for issues of violence, abuse.

The website ensures that every victim of violence becomes a confident survivor with quick and safe access to help...because justice delayed is justice denied. A survivor can easily file a report and connect with an appropriate advisor in a time-sensitive manner. In doing so, Zariya provides the resources needed to end abuse and overcome a traumatising experience.

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