Step up with the app!!

Here’s a new app to help you learn Bharatnatyam
Step up with the app!!

HYDERABAD: No more lingering doubts while the daughter is practising her Bharatanatyam lesson learnt last week and the helpless mother fretting over her long forgotten dance lessons learnt as a child. There comes an app to save all, students, teachers, and professionals and of course, mothers who are eager to see their children soon on the ‘arangetram’ dais. It is called “Natyarambha”, a first of its kind interactive Bharatanatyam app, that comes with detailed guidance, and a choice of practice options and it can run on any device too!

This “tradition meets technology”  app provides students and dance performers across the world, digital access to high-quality detailed guidance and practice modules for home practice. What’s more,
mothers can relax over hot filter coffee while the child sweats to the beats and gets a nodding approval from the guru in the next class. One hurdle crossed!!
Ananda Shankar Jayant, a renowned classical dancer, innovative choreographer and a dance scholar, has conceived and created ‘Natyarambha’, investing four
decades of her rich experience as a performer and guru. Closely working with her and heading the project of Natyarambha is Sneha Magapu, a Senior software professional and Bharatanatyam dancer and teacher. Their collaboration has resulted in this unique digital arts education initiative of Shankarananda Kalakshetra, a dance school with more than thirty-seven years of repute.
The app was recently launched by the celebrated dancer Sonal Mansingh and BVR Mohan Reddy (Cyient). A piano recital by Anil Srinivasan commenced the event where he seamlessly merged traditional music with popular Hindi tunes. This was followed by a short and delightful Bharatanatyam presentation by the students of Shankarananda Kalakshetra.

“Natyarambha, bridges the gap between classroom training and home practice,” said Ananda, “and comes with detailed guidance, mnemonics, music, and visuals, replicating the format of a Bharatanatyam class, and a range of practice options that will make practice at home easy,
exciting, and stimulating for
students; who will now have a ready digital access similar to the dance class, that is also interactive and engaging.”
Available across various devices, and  based on an annual subscription model – Natyarambha is an online practice tool, that necessitates learning from a Guru, and yet provides linkages between the guru and home practice.

Inspired by Digital India, this is first of its kind Bharatanatyam practice app, Natyarambha is my offering to the world of Bharatanatyam dancers,” she added.
Praising the innovation, danseuse Sonal Mansingh shared, “This app has come as a blessing at the right moment and promises to become the teacher, friend and inspirer to
dancers and rasikas.”

Counselling the young dancers to be good students, she elaborated on the five indicators of a Vidhyardhi: to bathe like a crow (not wasting much time: kaaka snan), to meditate/concentrate like a stork (baka dhyan), to sleep watchfully like a dog (svaan nidra), to eat light (alpa bhojan) and be prepared to stay away from home for learning pursuits (griha tyag).
Go! “Get the app, asap!!”
Details: www.natyarambhacom

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