Don’t Just live, Co-live!

Hyderabad is warming up to coliving spaces and backpacking hostels, a hostel-like provision for smaller times with a per day cost.
Co-living spaces have gotten really popular
Co-living spaces have gotten really popular

HYDERABAD: Living with strangers might be a forlorn concept in the earlier days perhaps but no more. Taking from other metropolitans like Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi, Hyderabad too is now enjoying the idea of co-living.

Co-living, in essence, is sharing living space whether for projected time-lines like a couple of months or for a few days. Backpacking groups and travelers abroad often resort to these kind of accomodations to go easy on the pocket and also for the experience.

We all know the scene from Queen where Kangana Ranaut shares a room with a group of mismatches and how they turn into friends for life. That’s what these spaces aim to do. Bringing together strangers with common interests and the zeal to be a part of an experience.

Demand for shorter stays

“Today the only things available for accommodation for young adults are paying guest accommodation or hostels. And most of these may be unauthorised or lack quality. The alternative is to rent a flat but that too has its issues.

"The society owners do not allow bachelors or spinsters and have ridiculous rules. Over that they also have to pay a deposit of a few months. The age group of 21-35 who are migratory and have unconventional jobs requiring them to shift often or stay for shorter periods without the commitment of an advance payment.

That is the market. In Hyderabad alone we have identified six lakh people who come under this bracket,” says Suresh Rangarajan, founder of Colive, a co-living startup which offers monthly rentals but in shareable options.
In-city benefits

This isn’t an option only for those who are here looking for work or for those who are from out of town.

In cities like Hyderabad, a space to spend the night may turn out to be a boon. K Anirudh who works in Film Nagar but lives in Saidabad said, “This was a few days ago when the city had come to a standstill because of the rains, I had to drive back home. Cabs were expensive too. It was late and the commute back to my place felt like a task. I had heard about a backpackers hostel from my friend and I thought I could try it out for the night and go home in the morning when the traffic clears up. It costs a few hundred rupees and it’s a better deal than spending on cabs or on a hotel room that can cost thousands for a night.” With sharable living spaces like this, the cost ranges from Rs 500 to Rs 800 per night. And can be customised according to the number of people or beds that one will be occupying for a day.

Not just a boring stay

Another interesting feature of co-living spaces is the entertainment it provides, aside from the ensures safety and cleanliness.

Laundry and housekeeping is often included in the costs or are done at the local costs. Group activities, sports or workout sessions bring the occupants together in the space that they live.

“I stayed twice at the same place in three weeks span! I stayed in a co-living space for three nights after a hotel stay and now never stayed in any other hotel. A game of carrom, a dash of Power Yoga and umpteen rounds of dining table gossips with fellow travellers is a lovely experience,” chimes Indranil Dasgupta who stayed at Beehive Commune located at Road No 12, Banjara Hills.

Some establishments also have a coffee shop in the premises which is open for all and of course for the occupants.

Shepherd Stories located in Film Nagar is a favourite for its in-house cafe. The availability of WiFi in these spaces adds to the appeal for the working youngsters who like to be connected. Who says backpacking through Europe alone is cool, looks like Hyderabad too is making itself backpacker-friendly.

Check these out!

Coliving spaces in Hyderabad
Beehive Commune,
Road No 12, Banjara Hills
Buzzquarter, Manikonda
The Bungalow, Journalist Colony
Shepherd Stories, Film Nagar
Mahas Backpackers Hostel,
Old Mumbai Highway

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