An eclectic mix of art in Hyderabad

By Saima Afreen| Express News Service | Published: 21st January 2021 12:11 PM
The show is curated by Hyderabad-based curator Annapurna.

HYDERABAD:  It’s almost January end. The last year has been perhaps the dullest among all other years due to the pandemic that is still there. However, the momentum is slowly building up with some art galleries and spaces in the city choosing to organise the exhibitions on the premises as art aficionados have had a bit of an overdose of digital shows.

That’s how Saptaparni, the cultural space in Banjara Hills is to see a group show titled ‘Shreekaram’ this Friday. The exhibition features opuses of both senior artists and the young artists from the State and other parts of the country. 

The show is curated by Hyderabad-based curator Annapurna. She shares, “It’s quite a melange of works that give you a glimpse into the creative worlds of the established art practitioners and those who have started the practice a few years ago. I am also launching my website on the same day. it provides a peek into my curation journey.” 

In the introduction, artist Palak Dubey writes: “Shreekaaram amalgamates the quintessential essence of art. It assimilates and subsumes an eclectic blend of varied genres and styles of works. The wide arrays of works included in the show, altogether imbibe the strength and capacity to stimulate the thought process of the viewers through distinctly diverse perspectives and sensitivities.” 

In Amol Shivajirao Pawar’s mixed media work one finds different textures and icons blended with other elements to present the concept of shakti that the artist is associated with. He uses 24 Karat gold leaf which according to him represents “richness and purity of thought and intention”; the 37-year-old artist grew up hearing mythological tales at home which find their way in his figurative opuses replete with stories of their own.

City-based senior artist Fawad Tamkanat’s work ‘Silent Town’ done in acrylic on canvas showcases houses in a surrealistic way with earthen tones and their tops almost whispering to one another in a Joycean way.  He is known to have depicted the cityscape and its daily scenes with workers that remain almost in absentia when a place is mentioned. His portraiture of rickshaw wallahs in the Old City is well-known. At the same time, Laxman Aelay’s portraits of women of rural Telangana with their colourful attire and bottu in place. Another major name Priti Sampyukta from Telanagana offers a lyrical tone to her artworks especially when it comes to ink on paper.  The exhibition is on till January 24. 

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