Aruna shines at Cannes

She shares her experience and the creations she showcased at Cannes.
Imani Rose
Imani Rose

HYDERABAD: Cannes has been the talk of the town since it took place, with many attending the prestigious film festival. Among them was our very own renowned designer, who has made a significant mark with her appearance and designs. She shares her experience and the creations she showcased at Cannes.

Speaking about her outfits at the Cannes Film Festival, Aruna Goud says, “This is my second time here. Previously, I dressed a French actress but hadn’t attended the red carpet myself. This year, I walked the red carpet for the first time. I dressed a Japanese actress named Monica Kamar and a Moroccan model named Imani Rose, and I walked the red carpet for two days.”

Reflecting on her experience at Cannes, she shares, “It was amazing. The live event is completely different from what we see on TV. Celebrities from all over the world gather at Cannes. It was an incredible experience, with diverse costumes representing various countries. Cannes is all about movies. On my first day, I attended the premiere of ‘All We Imagine as Light’ directed by Payal Kapadia, and on the second day, I attended the premiere of Orchestra. For the red carpet, I wore a saree on the first day and a Banarasi gown on the second day.”

Aruna Goud
Aruna Goud

Regarding the models who wore her designs, she explains, “For the Japanese actress, I created a ready-to-wear ivory saree with a pearl and stone-beaded lehenga. For the model, we made a custom gown featuring extensive wiring and sequins, with a huge cape. The jewellery for all my outfits was sponsored by Marjani by Mona Chawla.”

Discussing her designs and the work that went into them, she says, “I started working on these outfits two months ago. My purple handwoven Banarasi corset dress showcases zari work all over the dress, with gold beadwork on the neckline. The fusion of Indian Banarasi weaves with a modern corset silhouette beautifully blends the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship with contemporary Western style.”

On how she got the opportunity to be part of the event, she mentions, “The event was managed and sponsored by Vendome Paris. Rex Farnando sponsored this event for us, allowing me to showcase my outfits.”

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