Bangkok street food extravaganza in Hyderabad

The meal commenced with Tom Kha Soup, a dish that tantalised our taste buds.
Chef Seefah Ketchaiyo and Chef Karen Bane
Chef Seefah Ketchaiyo and Chef Karen Bane

HYDERABAD: Flavours from around the world inspire our taste buds, and our craving for new culinary experiences has become the norm. One such delightful experience was at Zega, Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel, where we savoured the vibrant street foods of Asia. Curated by renowned Chef Seefah Ketchaiyo from Bangkok, this chef’s table offered a soulful meal that truly made our day. Chef Seefah’s culinary takeover allowed us to enjoy the exquisite cuisine typically found on the streets of Bangkok.

We began with a selection of cocktails and mocktails, including a gin and bird eye chili concoction and another with gin and som tam dressing.

The meal commenced with Tom Kha Soup, a dish that tantalised our taste buds. Following this, we enjoyed Pandan Leaf Wrapped Chicken Parcels, flavourful prawns, Steamed Sea Bass, and Khap Pad Kra Pow, each dish evoking the vibrant street food scene of Bangkok.

CE had the opportunity to speak with Chef Seefah about her culinary journey. “I’ve been working with food for 15 years, primarily in five-star hotels. In 2016, I left my job to open my own restaurant. In hotels, we couldn’t make food that was too spicy, but we wanted to bring the authentic street food experience to the market. Serving this food has always been my dream, and we made it happen.”

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Reflecting on her experience at Sheraton, she shared, “I love going back home, and being part of a hotel brings back many memories. I wanted to see how hotel guests would react to our food, whether they preferred fusion or authentic flavours. It feels great to share this with them.”

About the signature dishes on the menu, she said, “I love deep-fried foods that aren’t too spicy. The tempura we had today was a perfect example. We also created a chicken dish with local flavours in mind.”

Chef Seefah praised the Sheraton, saying, “The hospitality here is excellent, and the staff is wonderful. Each location is different, but working with the chefs here has been a great experience.”

Regarding a potential return, she concluded, “I might come back. This was more of a trial, and we hope to introduce more dishes and let more people experience our food in the future.”

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