Chronicle of tresses

Vivian Benedetto, who visited India for the first time, shared her insights on hair care solutions and experiences.
Chronicle of tresses

HYDERABAD : Hair styling in different ways every day is something that we all love to do. Colouring it up and making your hair even fancier has become the new trend. However, it is also important to know what kind of treatment is needed for hair. The innovative Botosmooth Treatment was showcased in Hyderabad for the very first time. People from the salon industry were excited to learn from the seminar conducted at Novotel. International hair maestro Vivian Benedetto, who visited India for the first time, shared her insights on hair care solutions and her experiences here.

Speaking about the seminar and their teachings, Vivian says, “We are here to present a product developed with a Brazilian formula, which is big in this industry. 80-90 percent of my clients have this kind of treatment done. Sometimes it is very difficult to style curly hair. This formula, rich in shea butter and oils, can perform the texture process without compromising hair quality, giving hairdressers confidence in the outcome.”

Vivian also shared a memorable experience as a hairstylist, “There was a young girl, about 12 years old, with beautiful curls and an afro at the back of her hair that tangled easily. Her mother struggled to style it, and she mostly wore a ponytail. For her 12th birthday, her family brought her to the salon for a haircut. This experience was very special to me because I know how significant it was for her to feel confident with her hair.”

Addressing common fears about hair treatments, Vivian explains, “Together with the product, we are launching a hair care line that includes a mask, shampoo, and oils, which are essential, especially in the local weather. Be mindful of the water you use. In rural areas, the water quality often leaves hair looking naturally smooth, but city water, even if safe to drink, can be harsh on hair. It’s important to maintain some treatment routine at home, especially if you’re frequently exposed to poor water quality or chlorinated pool water. Use mineral water spray, oil, and a mask to protect your hair.”

Vivian Benedetto
Vivian Benedetto

When asked about hair care tips for Hyderabad’s weather, she says, “It’s complicated. In Brazil, we also have humid summers that can make hair frizzy, which we call the ‘homeless look.’ Botosmooth is great for this, and I recommend always using oil in your hair.”

Vivian shared her impressions of the city, “This is my first time in India, and I was sick for most of my stay, so I haven’t explored much. But I enjoyed the food at the hotel and the tea with milk and spices. Indian women are considered like princesses in Brazil, with their long hair, beautiful clothes, and makeup. Indian culture is seen as very royal, and now that I am here, I want to take everything I liked back with me.”

Reflecting on her experience at the seminar, she says, “Indian people are very welcoming. I feel at home here, and everyone is humble and eager to exchange experiences. I wish I knew Hindi to fully engage with the knowledgeable presenters. This experience is something I will cherish for life.”

When asked if she would return to Hyderabad, Vivian responds, “If I have a chance, why not? I would love to come back.”

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