Dumpling on wheels

During our visit to Ameenpur, we couldn’t resist stopping by Dumpling Dips to sample their enticing offerings.
Krishna Chaitanya Paspuleti and his wife Payal Chakraborty Paspuleti
Krishna Chaitanya Paspuleti and his wife Payal Chakraborty Paspuleti(Photo | Vinay Madapu)

HYDERABAD: Located by the serene Ameenpur Lake, Dumpling Dips is a unique food truck run by Krishna Chaitanya Paspuleti, a professional photographer, and Payal Chakraborty Paspuleti, an IHM Hajipur graduate. This husband-and-wife duo has brought their dream to life, combining their talents and passions to create a remarkable dining experience.

During our visit to Ameenpur, we couldn’t resist stopping by Dumpling Dips to sample their enticing offerings. The evening breeze added to the delightful experience as we indulged in their delicious fare. We began with a variety of momos, both steamed and fried.

The chicken and vegetarian momos were perfectly seasoned and paired with flavourful dips. Their menu boasts an array of options, including tandoori momos, schezwan momos, and the standout chicken cheesy momos, which featured a uniquely delicious cheese.

Exploring the Chinese-inspired section of their menu, we enjoyed chicken soft noodles paired with mouthwatering chilli chicken. The fried momos and accompanying dips were also a highlight. Impressively, Dumpling Dips offers over 100 dishes, all meticulously prepared by the passionate duo.

Krishna shared their journey with us, “I completed my master’s in photography and am currently directing the photography for ALPHA, a sports drama fictional biopic. My past projects include movies like Butterfly, where I contributed as an artist, and A Beautiful Girl, where I worked as a creative head. My wife owns this food business. We initially ran a cloud kitchen named Darchini, serving authentic Bengali cuisine. After a year, we decided to launch our food truck, focusing on Chinese cuisine, and named it Dumpling Dips.”

Payal elaborated on her background and aspirations, “After completing my Hotel Management course from IHM Hajipur, I worked at prestigious places like Taj Banjara, Sheraton, and JLL (Google site). I later transitioned into teaching and worked as a lecturer. I left teaching during my pregnancy, and we are now blessed with a baby girl. My dream has always been to own a food establishment. We started with a cloud kitchen and then expanded to a food truck. All the dishes here are curated by me, reflecting my experiments and preferences. We aim to offer an Indian twist on Chinese cuisine, which is popular among our customers. We also focus on a wide variety of momos and rolls, catering to the growing demand for these items. The positive response to our food has been incredibly rewarding.”

If you ever find yourself near Ameenpur Lake, a visit to Dumpling Dips is a must. This charming food truck not only offers delectable dishes but also embodies the passion and dedication of its owners.

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