Handcrafted elegance

CE checked out a fashion and jewellery pop-up event — Sansa’s Sparklefest Soiree — showcasing some of the finest diamond necklaces, redefined chains, and pendants along with craftsmanship
Handcrafted elegance

HYDERABAD: Jewellery is an expression of personal choice and elegance. Adorning yourself with the finest pieces enhances your outfit and showcases the sophistication you always desired. To help you find the perfect jewellery, Sansa organised a pop-up event, Sparklefest Soiree, which highlighted exquisite craftsmanship and bespoke designs.

From diamond necklaces to redefined chains and pendants, this event epitomised summer elegance. Collaborating with brands like Veoce, Taamara, and others, this pop-up was truly worth visiting. During our tour of the collection, we had the opportunity to speak with Chandana Shailendren, the mastermind behind the handcrafted jewellery, who shared insights about the event.

Explaining the purpose of the pop-up show, Chandana says, “This has been planned especially for Akshaya Tritiya and Mother’s Day. We have collaborated with other brands and plan to host these shows more frequently now.”

Collaborating with each brand and organising the event might have been challenging. Chandana shared, “It is interesting to see multiple products in one place. We are known as a bespoke jewellery brand, and our collaborations are with people seeking bespoke jewellery. It creates brand awareness. Pop-up shows are about meaningful associations, combining jewellery, clothes, and artsy items. It’s always fun and empowering for brands of resonance.”

Discussing the journey of designing jewellery pieces, she says, “It has been a long journey. I have been in this field for about 17 years, and we started our retail brand in 2019. We were initially on Road No. 8 in Banjara Hills, and now we have expanded to a larger store on the main street of Banjara Hills.”

Chandana elaborated on the evolution of jewellery design, “There have been many changes. When I started, it was mostly about handcrafted jewellery; we did not have machine-made jewellery. We focus on keeping that art form alive. Machine­-­made jewellery is ubiquitous, but our brand emphasises handcrafted jewellery. We promote various artisans from across the state and country, preserving the art forms related to jewellery.”

Regarding the rewarding journey of discovering artisans, she said, “It has been a major trial-and-error process. I learned my craft from artisans, working with them for about 10 years. It’s not about formal training but hands-on experience. Finding artisans who align with my vision is tricky because they come from remote areas and require training. We groom and teach them to work with an organisation.

Bringing them into mainstream jobs offers stability and encourages them to pass down their skills to future generations. Many artisans do not want their children to continue in this field. My goal is to change this mindset and show them the stability and value of this work. Sansa is also part of CII, working on tourism and culture in Telangana, and we are aiming to do significant work in this area.”

The store also features lab-grown diamonds, with Chandana explaining, “Most of our pieces are personalised. We have karigars working here and a retail section with ready-to-buy items. We offer many customisable pieces on display. Customers can choose a piece and ask us to personalise it.”

Chandana attaches sentimental value to each piece, saying, “Jewellery is often made to be passed down through generations or for special occasions like weddings. We take this sentiment seriously. When a customer comes to us, it’s not just about creating a piece but understanding their story. The conversations become meaningful, and the experience is memorable.

We involve customers in the process from sketching to completion, making them a part of the story behind the jewellery. Our brand also empowers women, with most of our team being women. It’s beautiful to see how efficient we can be together. I am very passionate about what I do and want everyone to be involved.”

Looking ahead, Chandana shares, “Sansa’s vision is to set up multiple stores across the country. We plan to open two more stores this year in Hyderabad, followed by Chennai and Bengaluru. We aim to be visible in metro areas before expanding further.”

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