Standard response from non-voters in Hyderabad

The voter turnout was low again as usual this time in Hyderabad.
Voting(Photo | Vinay Madapu)

HYDERABAD: The voter turnout was low again as usual this time in Hyderabad. Out of 100 people, only 70 voted, and here are 30 reasons the remaining 30 people gave for not voting:

1. My boyfriend was supposed to drive me to the polling booth, but we ended up fighting, so there was no other way to reach the polling station which was just 500 metres away from my house.

2. Everyone is corrupt, bro. Why should I vote?

3. If I vote, everyone will know that I’m over 18.

4. I’m Jadoo from Koi Mil Gaya; I don’t have a voter ID.

5. Why would they ask us to vote on a holiday, that too on a long weekend?

6. There is no vote-from-home option.

7. Aree yaar!!! It’s too hot.

8. Voting is basically choosing, and I chose not to vote; hence, technically, I voted.

9. I just voted out a Big Boss candidate; how many times should I vote?

10. What will happen if I vote? Nothing. Instead, let me sit at home and do nothing.

11. I just tweeted my opinion on politics; I don’t need to vote.

12. My one vote won’t change anything; there are so many voters already.

13. My candidate is winning already; the election is rigged.

14. My candidate will lose for sure; the election is rigged.

15. It’s a tough choice to choose a leader; I need a drink before I vote.

16. I just applied new nail polish; the ink will ruin how my nails will look.

17. I’m in a bad marriage; I don’t trust my choice.

18. The election officers are working hard already. I don’t want to burden them with counting my vote.

19. I voted last time and nothing changed.

20. They didn’t give me cash this time.

21. They gave me cash, and if I don’t spend it immediately, they might take it back.

22. The world is ending anyway in a couple of years because of climate change; no point thinking about voting for the next 5 years.

23. Actually, I’m not interested in politics.

24. My horoscope said not to leave the house today.

25. I will stand in a queue only if someone serves me pani puri at the end of it; can’t do the same for voting.

26. I don’t live in India; I live in delusion.

27. I don’t have anything to wear to the polling station.

28. My voter ID is registered to my hometown, but don’t worry, I won’t go home to vote either. I’ll tell them I’m stuck in Hyderabad.

29. I don’t believe in democracy… blah blah gibberish gibberish … end of boring long speech (I couldn’t continue listening to this guy).

30. Next time I’ll pakka vote, I promise. I told the same thing 5 years ago too.

(The writer’s views are his own)

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