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We thought we’d study and prepare, but slowly, we started getting projects, and it became a profession.
Satya Anvesh and Arin Dez performing
Satya Anvesh and Arin Dez performing

HYDERABAD: Satya Anvesh and Arin Dez, popularly known as Fleep&Arin, are trending in the city for a reason. This duo has stolen the hearts of many online with their music, which is particularly pleasant and offers peace whenever we listen. We finally had a chance to speak to them about their journey as they recently performed at the World of Whiskies.

Tell us about your journey and when you formed this duo.

Fleep: Basically, the music circle in the city was very small back then, so we met through mutual music friends in 2016. Then we started to collaborate on some cover songs and originals. We have been working together since 2016, and here we are. Over the years, we have honed our skills, and now people are liking it.

What’s your educational background and how did you get interested in music?

Fleep: We both have different educational backgrounds. Arin completed a BTech and I have a BBA. It was tough to choose music as a full-time career. We never pursued any music courses. My interest in music began when I was 18 or 19. Having a guitar is cool, right? So, I bought a guitar. Initially, I did not have any plans to learn, but when I started, I couldn’t stop.

Arin: I used to paint and sketch, but at one point, I got bored with it. It takes hours to complete a sketch, so I looked for something more entertaining. I started music when I was in class 9. I never took a course; it was all self-taught. Even while studying, I wasn’t sure I would pursue music as a career, but you keep doing things and they become something you love. Now, without music, it doesn’t feel good.

What was your parents’ reaction when you started pursuing music?

Fleep: By the time we started making reels on Instagram, we were fully into music. We never told our parents that we were going to pursue music. Even we weren’t sure initially. It happened step by step. We thought we’d study and prepare, but slowly, we started getting projects, and it became a profession. We didn’t surprise our parents with a big announcement. We just kept doing everything possible in this generation: uploading our songs on YouTube, Instagram, and other streaming platforms. It was like throwing stones at a tree; eventually, one will hit a mango.

What’s your inspiration?

Arin: We get inspired by music, not by any particular person. If you talk about inspiration, it’s the emotion that music brings. I can’t say I have a favourite artiste because if a song is good and makes you feel good, you keep listening to it. Even if you look at our reels, we don’t copy songs exactly as they are; we add our twist to it. Our intention is to express the art within us. It’s not about outside inspiration, but about expressing ourselves.

Arin doesn’t know Telugu, right? How do you manage singing in Telugu?

Arin: I’ve sung songs in many languages. I’m Bengali, so I started with Bengali songs, then English, Hindi, and Punjabi. We’ve done some Tamil songs as well. Initially, it was tough, but I’ve been living here for 10 years, so it became easier to catch the words and pronunciation. Fleep helps me with that. When we started doing covers, it was tough, but it got easier with time. Now, I can do songs just by looking at the lyrics. Even though I don’t know much Telugu, I can understand it enough to express it in songs.

What challenges have you faced in your music journey?

Fleep: We are two artists on a journey to make music. One of the biggest challenges we faced was finding good tutors or knowledge. When we started back in 2016, there weren’t many YouTube tutorials or professional channels to teach modern concepts of music production, mixing, and mastering.

How do you see the independent music scene in Hyderabad?

Fleep&Arin: We were really surprised by how much it has grown. We never expected such a boom in live music. It’s on top right now and will continue to grow. The music scene in Hyderabad and overall in India is very strong. The love every musician and artist receives is like a dream. There are going to be a lot of independent artists coming up from Hyderabad, and we look forward to that.

What was that one song that gave you a break on Instagram?

Fleep: On Instagram, it was “O Cheliya” from Premikudu. A lot of people think it was “Vaalu Kanuladaana” from Premikula Roju but it was “O Cheliya.”

Upcoming projects?

Arin: Right now, most of the songs we upload on Instagram are cover songs. We are planning to release an original soon, maybe next month. It’s going to be quite musical, something different. Get ready for that.

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