Blind date with ‘Illusion’

Magician Tijo Varghese is going to attempt a record for blindfolded magic performance for four-and-a-half hours.
Blind date with ‘Illusion’

KOCHI:  Magic is something which amuses and amazes each one of us. Most of us have witnessed magic in our childhood days. ‘Make something happen’ is the watchword that every magician follows. For Tijo Varghese, a Pathanamthitta-based magician, fascination for magic started at school when a magician once came to his school for a performance. Tijo recalls how he was taken away by the tricks the magician performed and went and asked him if he could also learn the tricks. But to his disappointment, he was rejected because of his age. 

In spite of all this, Tijo did not give up and later he started learning magic under a magician Johnson. Tijo says, “I was always interested in magic and I continuously did research on it.” Presently Tijo is going to attempt for a record in a blindfolded performance for four and a half hours in Coimbatore. The record-breaking attempt will be held on April 15 when he will perform the most dangerous trick ‘Illusion’ which has never been attempted by anybody so far. Earlier, he had entered the India Book of Records and World Records for an hour-long blindfolded magic performance. He also has the longest solo magic performance to his credit. Till date, not a single accident has occurred in his career.

<strong>Tijo Varghese</strong>
Tijo Varghese

Through his magic tricks, Tijo has gained fans in and outside India. What started as an interesting hobby has now become one of Tijo’s most dearest things. His tricks include magic with cards to achieve a supernatural effect on people and objects. This magician believes magic as a performing art should involve only purely natural means that entertain the audience by creating illusions effortlessly. Tijo uses amazing magical methods and is well versed in stage illusions, platform magic, corporate magic, children’s magic etc. This 30-year-old magician believes practice makes a man perfect.

Tijo says, “I have been doing many acts such illusions and mentalism. As magic deals a lot with speed, it can also lead to mistakes and so the magician has to be very careful. I practice at least for two hours every day and find ways to make my tricks better and entertaining for people. This has helped me a lot.”

He has done research in magic from World Record University, Faridabad, and Indian Virtual University for Peace and Education, Bengaluru.  He has been honoured by former Governor of Tamil Nadu, Konijeti Rosaiah for his multiple world record achievements and Magic Realism Award-2018 for his multiple world record achievements at a national convention at Alappuzha. Other achievements include Bharat Book of Records, Andra Book of Records, Vajra World Records and Global Records. He is also a recipient of Jadu Ceremony awards, the most prestigious award given to a magician.

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