If you're in Kochi, here's where to get the right care for your pets

Kochi-based initiative The Petcare Gurus will ensure that both your pet and you have a breezy holiday. 
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KOCHI:  The pandemic-induced lockdown saw several Kochiites adopting and buying four-legged companions to ease the loneliness that affects their mental and physical health. Even after travel and tourism was restored, lack of trustworthy pet care options halted their travel plans.

While some pets are placed in boarding centres, the rest are occasionally fed by neighbours.

Nonetheless, the stress caused by leaving your ‘pawsome’ friend at a boarding kennel could dampen your holiday spirit.

Realising the demand for a creditable service, 24-year-old Arjun Guruvayurappan set up The Pet Care Gurus comprising pet lovers and experienced animal welfare workers.

“I have been working on the initiative for the past nine months. I have been involved in animal welfare activities for years and would look after my friends’ pets when I was studying in Delhi. But when I shifted to Kochi, I couldn’t find the right service to do the same for my two cats while I was away for my Mentalism shows. I’d either force my friends to stay at my place or they would agree to feed my pets at regular intervels.

This led to the birth of The Petcare Gurus, which is a relatively new concept in Kochi,” says Arjun.

Even as he commenced the initiative last December, Arjun realised that people were still apprehensive. “We restarted the service again and completed the registration last month.

While I worked with Roms and Raks (a chain of pet supplies stores), I observed that the number of people taking up pets has increased manifold. Many wanted a getaway and didn’t want to send their pets away to boarding centres. That is where we come in. So far, we’ve had 38 clients solely by word of mouth,” he says.

Currently, the initiative has employed six people with years of experience in animal welfare.

“They’ve all been vetted and undergone rigorous training processes and safety checks to take good care of animals,” says Arjun. 

“Most people aren’t too keen on boarding centres anymore. A lot of pets have been accustomed to spending their lives indoors and not in cages. Most boarding centres have cages stacked on top of each other, where the pets are neither given individual attention nor the space, which makes them anxious or depressed. Additionally, fleas or ticks are easily transmitted,” warns Arjun.  

Own a pet and afraid to part with your fur baby during a trip? Fret not.

Kochi-based initiative The Petcare Gurus will ensure that both your pet and you have a breezy holiday. 

An adopted pet? 
Even though the prices vary depending on the pet’s needs and the number of days, adopted pets will have discounted rates to encourage adoption, says Arjun. “In the future, we hope to collaborate with animal welfare organisations to recruit more people. A part of the proceeds will go towards the organisation we’re associating with,” adds Arjun. 

For your ‘pawsome’ needs
At The Petcare Gurus, your pet receives one-on-one affection wherein they adopt your furry friend until you’re back. You can choose between the three services they offer. 

Sitting: A pet guru moves into your place to pamper your pet. If preferred, the pet guru will just drop in to clean, groom and feed your pet.

Home Boarding: One of the pet gurus will keep your pet at their place which has already been carefully scrutinised and pet-proofed for a safe and healthy environment.

Custom: Got a pet with extra needs? Get in touch with the pet gurus and inform them about your requirement. 

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