Finding answers in ayur-homoeo combo

From natural ingredients to methods, practitioners of modern medicine now borrow from ayurveda and homeopathy to treat patients with orthopaedic ailments
Finding answers in ayur-homoeo combo

KOCHI: In this era of modern medicine, there is a raging debate on the role of ayurveda and homoeopathy in treating various ailments.

However, even practitioners of modern medicine are recommending traditional ayurveda medication like ‘karpooradi thailam’ and ‘murivenna’ for treating orthopaedic ailments. Doctors also hail anti-inflammatory properties of ginger, turmeric and garlic.

Ammini Paul, 65, a resident of Thiruvalla, who has been suffering from osteoarthritis for over five years, recently visited her rheumatologist at a major hospital in Thrissur. The doctor suggested she use murivenna oil to reduce her knee discomfort and pain.

“Not just murivenna, the doctor also suggested I drink milk mixed with ginger and turmeric. I was under medication and steroids for many years and have sought treatment under many doctors. I feared that I would have to undergo knee replacement this time. But to my surprise my doctor suggested ayurvedic treatment,” said Ammini.

Though not widespread, the integrated approach — combining ayurveda and homoeo practices — in treating ailments is being practiced in some of the major hospitals in the state.

“Over the years, there has been increased acceptance for ayurveda and homoeo. It is a fact that there is not much encouragement from those practicing modern medicines. But integrated approaches are slowly coming up at hospitals,” said Dr Vinod K, orthopaedic surgeon based in Kochi.

“Ayurveda offers many herbal medicines for treating arthritis. These plants have anti-inflammatory properties without side-effects,” said Dr M S Noushad, Ernakulam zone secretary, Ayurveda Medical Association of India.

“Allopathic doctors are slowly acknowledging the integrated approach. Homoeo interventions have proved to be successful in improving the quality of life for those undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatment. In cases where surgery is not possible, homoeo has been proven to ease the pain. Even preparing the body for chemo and surgeries are performed in homoeo,” said Dr Jameel Sait, assistant professor at the Government Homoeopathic Medical College, Kozhikode.

According to ayurvedic doctors, murivenna oil is made using various herbs that have anti-inflammatory properties. The oil helps in the effective management of joint pain, backache, and conditions including arthritis etc.

“In many fields, ayurveda has been proven effective. The government also promotes the integrated approach in many fields. Though in major private hospitals, the integrated approach is adopted in certain departments, its reach among the public is not that much. Doctors who are interested in other branches are aware of this, but no one is promoting the approach,” said Dr Noushad.

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