Plan to ease traffic congestion in Vijayawada on anvil

A committee will be set up to examine & implement an intelligent traffic management system throughout the city
DCP Vishal Gunni inspecting vehicular traffic at Benz Circle in Vijayawada | Express
DCP Vishal Gunni inspecting vehicular traffic at Benz Circle in Vijayawada | Express

VIJAYAWADA: Vijayawada city traffic police are actively considering measures to ease the traffic congestion at major junctions and roads within the city. Recognising the concerns of both commuters and traffic police, the focus is on formulating a comprehensive and lasting solution to address these challenges.

Prominent junctions like Benz Circle Junction, Ramavarappadu Junction, PNBS Junction, IGMC Stadium points, and various other locations have witnessed recurring issues of traffic congestion, encroachments, and jams. This has impacted the daily lives of commuters, particularly affecting patients, students, and employees who struggle to reach their destinations on time.

In response to public complaints regarding escalating traffic problems, NTR district commissioner Kanthi Rana Tata has directed officials to establish a committee. This committee will be tasked with studying, examining, and implementing an intelligent traffic management system throughout the city.

As part of the initiative to manage traffic more efficiently, NTR district Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Vishal Gunni, accompanied by relevant police inspectors and traffic wing officials, conducted a field visit to the busy Benz Circle Junction. The objective was to assess the vehicular traffic pattern, identify problematic areas, address encroachments, explore diversion alternatives, and consider the potential for free turns and alternative routes to ease the burden on national highways.

DCP Vishal Gunni expressed optimism that completion of the outer ring road would contribute to reducing vehicular traffic, diverting vehicles heading towards Chennai, Hyderabad, and Visakhapatnam. Similar assessments are being conducted across the city and other busy junctions to find a lasting solution to the growing issue of traffic congestion. The use of traffic signals is seen as a means to instill discipline among commuters and alleviate the traffic burden.

Under this initiative, traffic police will conduct a thorough study of traffic patterns, peak hours, and free hours. They will explore alternate arrangements for local traffic diversions, assess signal repairs, and consider the installation of new signals at all junctions. Public suggestions are sought to ensure a collective effort in finding a permanent solution, ultimately reducing accidents on the city’s roads.

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