Sanya: A star in the making

For 12-year-old Sanya Iyer, acting is in her blood.
Sanya: A star in the making

For 12-year-old Sanya Iyer, acting is in her blood. And going by the popularity of her small screen serial, Putt Gowri Maduve, she is already pegged as a star in the making. No wonder, what with her entire family being part of either movies or the small screen.

While Sanya's mother, Deepa Iyer is into serials, her father is a known face as a director on small screen. Her aunts, Roopa and Shilpa Iyer are into different kinds of work in the celluloid world. "The passion towards acting came to me when I started accompanying my mother on the sets. I used to get curious when so many people came and spoke to my mom and not me. When she explained the reason, I realised that it was all about attention, which I also liked and so I am here," she says.

Sanya has been part of serials since the time she was in LKG. "I don't even have a count of how many serials I have done so far. I am currently enjoying being part of Putt Gowri Maduve, a serial about child marriage, which gives out a good message. Initially, the production house was skeptical to take me because I look tall for my age. But later they thought I suit the role and chose me. Now I am left with two more months of shooting," she says.

Sanya, who in her VII standard at Carmel School, Padmanabhnagar, divides her time between studies and shoot. "I almost have 15 days of shoot in a month. I don't feel the pressure as I have support from my teachers and friends provide me with their notes. I am basically an average student," says this child artiste, who plans to take a break after Putt Gowri Maduve. "I think it is time for me to concentrate on my studies. I will definitely be back to hit the screens," she assures.

Sanya is also a known name in movie circles too. "I have been part of eight films and my films, Vimukti and Mukha Putta, have even received awards. I have now signed for a Puneeth Rajkumar film, which is a remake of Telugu film, Dokudu. I am playing the heroine's sister. I am waiting for the shoot to start," says Sanya.

She enjoys being a part of the glam world at a very early age and is also loving the attention at school. "I am known as Putt Gowri at school. Students who are senior to me keep teasing about my child marriage and ask when I will have a child. I don't react," she chuckles.

Her mother, Deepa Iyer, is proud.

She says, "It was Sanya's choice to be in serials and we are just encouraging her. She manages work and studies very well. She doesn't need any extra coaching nor does she attend tuition."

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