'My Father Will Just Be in the Audience'

The story, he says, is about a person who does not know what success is and tries pursuing it in a world that has changed.

Published: 12th May 2014 11:22 AM  |   Last Updated: 12th May 2014 11:22 AM   |  A+A-


Debutant director Satyajith Thalagvar, son of renowned director T N Seetharam, is done with the shooting of his film Hingyaake.

The story, he says, is about a person who does not know what success is and tries pursuing it in a world that has changed.

“Earlier, success came very easily to people, but it is very different and complicated now. In our story, the hero is trying to get a girlfriend, which is to him  like trying to find his footing in this world. Finally, technology helps him find a girl,” says Satyajith.ake.

“We have our own ideas and notions about ourselves, which we think will work. But it is totally different when it comes to reality. The contrast is so much that we start doubting ourselves. There is so much of a difference between the way we imagine our life and the way life really is. That is when we use the term, hingyaake,” he explains.

Even Satyajith initially had a different take on his subject. “When I started, I had a different script, a story of what over-ambition can do. Though it was good, I didn’t find it entertaining. My family friend Vijay Achar said I should do a film that will entertain the audience who have to sit through it for two long hours. After that, I wrote a few scripts and caught hold of a staunch critic who is not so funny by nature. I started improvising on his suggestions and everything was approved by him. We have tried to make sure that everybody will enjoy it,” he says.

Similarly, when he started the film, he visualised the mannerisms of the character in a different way.

“I realised that the portrayal of characters might not come out the way I visualise it. Different people have different ways of emoting. And to make it easy, we had a workshop to let the artistes choose their situations. Later, we chose the best and fine- tuned them. I am satisfied at the moment and I think this is the best we could do with,” says the director.

 Satyajith has chosen a genre for the present, a story that deserves to be told to today’s audience.

“Though the concept of getting a girlfriend is easy among the youth, there are still people who have confidence issues.  It is the kind of film that you definitely cant’ get mad at. There is some pun in it that can be taken lightly. In today’s age, people are under a lot of stress and sometimes things don’t work out the way they want them to. People have to accept themselves the way they are to get through such situations. So I thought the simple and not-so-serious story must be told,” he says.

As a first time director, he chose newcomers Prateek Thaker and Deepthi Mane to play the lead roles.

“What I saw in Prateek was a homely kind of character that had a certain resonance with the story. Since my story is not a slapstick, he could maintain the balance. Deepthi has a very good attitude and is a good actress,” he says.

Though he followed his father’s footsteps in turning a director, he did not wish to follow his direction.

“We both lead completely different lifestyles. We are different with our subjects too. I have not featured him in my story. I just told him that I am doing a film and didn’t take it any further than that. If he gives his inputs, then it will become his story. Then I would have to say hingyaake. So my father will just be in the audience,” he signs off.

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