Another Facet of Anant Nag

Published: 21st May 2014 10:12 AM  |   Last Updated: 22nd May 2014 01:21 PM   |  A+A-


BANGALORE: Anant Nag is one of the finest actors of Kannada cinema today, and till date commands attention. His role in Parapancha directed by Krish Joshi is already making waves. Apart from playing the character Naakane, this senior actor has turned into a singer for the film.

Anant Nag clarified that he has not turned into a full-fledged singer but will be reciting poetry.

 “As Naakane in the film, I keep reciting poems all along. So they thought of using my original voice. I was recently at Akash Recording Studio, where I sang the poems tuned by Veer Samarth. I used to recite poems in schools and colleges and it was like going back to old days. The poems written by Krish Joshi were meaningful. The poems and the characters in this film go long spiritual lines. That’s why I accepted it,” he says.

  Parapancha talks about the world around  us. “Initially they wanted me to sing, but I told them the poems in singing format would not sound good as they might  get diluted with tunes and lose focus, which people will not understand. I suggested reciting the poems and they were okay with it,” he adds.

 His role in Parapancha explores karma, artha, kama, moksha, reveals Anant Nag, as he appreciates the director for choosing a rare subject.

“Yogaraj Bhat called me one day and told me that director Krish Joshi will be coming home to discuss my role in the film. When he explained my character for the first time, I straight away told him that such kind of roles have been played many times by me.”

“Later, Yogaraj Bhat himself visited my house and said that the director had narrated a different story by mistake and convinced me to meet him again. That time, the role struck a chord in me,”  he says.

  Krish is very happy that Anant Nag has recited and sung for Parapancha. He says, “Anant Nag’s  recitation evokes  the lyricism of Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s Madhushala.”


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