Uppi's Fans Plug his Film by Creating a Digital Game

Published: 08th September 2015 05:33 AM  |   Last Updated: 08th September 2015 05:33 AM   |  A+A-

Uppi’s fans have left no stone unturned for their star’s upcoming film Uppi 2. Vinay Upendra, a die hard fan of the star has taken the help of Vijayaprakash of Mobi2fun company to create a game on Uppi 2, which will be launched today. The creator explains that the game is inspired by the  theme of the film. “The first version  had Upendra playing the   ‘I’ where he mostly characterised his own personality while Uppi 2 is all about ‘You’. This game will see Uppi on his special bike going to an unknown planet where he will discover his ancestors, who have now morphed into planets or stars. The planets are embedded with the faces carrying different expressions. The game  revolves around these planets to understand human behaviour and that is something he has also tried to implement in the film. This is an endless game and people have to use their intelligence to judge the angle before they jump from one planet to another in order to land safely. They also need to fight with the aliens and all within a time limit.”

Uppi.JPGA six member team was dedicated to create this game, which took them two months. “The first game we created for a Kannada film was Om. Vinay who was impressed with the game approached us through social media and wanted to know whether we could do it for Uppi 2 and we agreed. Initially, we came up with a prototype game and the actual process started once we got Uppi’s approval. We are happy with the review that the game is receiving even before its official launch. Today, the game stands at number 47 in the adventure game category.”

One can download the Uppi 2 game from the Google Play store or give a missed call to 080 - 30636358

Uppi goes upside down

When it comes to treading the road less travelled, nobody does it better than Upendra. Right from his debut film A, he has unleashed a new trend of filmmaking and conceptualisation. And now with Uppi 2, he is again showing his flair for the unattempted. While he has given a free hand to his fans to come up with creative promotions for his film, he has silently created an unusual gimmick. The result was that people stopped and took notice of a 72-foot cut-out depicting the star performing Sheershasana outside Nartaki theatre. The upside down poster was created by Gopal Krishna along with his father of Raj Kamal Arts. He is now preparing 16 such cut-outs. A 50-foot cut-out will be set up at Prasanna Theatre and the rest will travel across the state.

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