Naanu Avanalla, Avalu Movie Review: Towards Greatness

Naanu Avanalla, Avalu Movie Review: Towards Greatness

Good films have their own heroes, great films make heroes of everyone in the movie. Naanu Avanalla, Avalu by director B S Lingadevaru (I am not a he, but she) proves that a team can be the hero of a film. It has the nuances of what could be termed as an honest attempt to  get a seat in the assembly of great films.

The film demonstrates unequalled courage and strength in its belief, giving a glimpse of an entangled mind living in pain of an 'unnatural' feeling and the shame of it, holding on to instincts with tenuous boldness.

Based on the autobiography of transgender theatre artiste who goes by the name Living Smile Vidya, I am Vidya, takes us through the life of Madesha (Sanchari Vijay) from Kamlapura, who cherishes the idea of being a woman. He embraces the life of a transgender and sees nirvana in turning from He to She.

Sanchari Vijay’s performance is something we have not seen for quite some time in Indian cinema. He effortlessly identifies with the character and lives every moment of a transgender’s life. As an actor, he juggles the varied moods of his character’s psyche with panache. The National award for his performance is truly deserved.

The film is equally well-supported by actors like Sumitha and Kunal Punekar, Sundar, Maniyamma, Bhoopal H M, Shailashree S T, Savitha K, Avarasang and Aravind Kuplikar. Folk music and songs scored by Anoop Seelin add charm to adisturbing story. The backdrop aptly fits the story by Ashok V Raman. The film rushes into a climax that is rare and shocking, but praiseworthy. On the whole, Naanu Avanalla, Avalu indeed stands out for the very effort to highlight turmoil in a different light.

Film: Naanu Avanalla, Avalu

Director: BS Lingadevaru

Cast: Sanchari Vijay, Sumitha,

Kunal Punekar, Sundar, Maniyamma, Bhoopal HM, Shailashree ST

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