Ganesh tips his hat to khaki in Pataki

Actor, who gets into the uniform for the first time, says that it inspires respect

Published: 25th May 2017 05:57 AM  |   Last Updated: 25th May 2017 05:57 AM   |  A+A-

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Ganesh, who has entertained the audience for more than a decade now, has gained experience from his 29 films. The actor now wants to try something apart from the regular formula. And hence, for the first time, he is attempting to play a khaki-clad cop in his next film, Pataki.


Directed by Manju Swaraj and made under SV Productions, the film will be out in theatres this week. The actor is happy to play a cop and he tells City Express that he took notes while observing friends who are in the force.

“I have often observed the dual shades in a policeman,” he says. “When they are in plain clothes, they behave like regular people but their body language changes the minute they get into the uniform. The discipline comes automatically with the dress. I have even discussed this with them and I was told that they feel a pride in wearing khaki, and they believe that it gives them an opportunity to do something good for the society.”

Ganesh felt the same way when he wore the uniform, he says. “Though it was meant for the screen, I felt a change come over me when I donned the uniform. I felt like I had become tougher. This maybe because this is how we perceive the police force... this attitude is reflected in my role too in this action comedy,” he says.

According to Ganesh, nobody makes fun of people in khaki in real-life. “I am glad I had the opportunity to wear the police uniform,” he says. “When people see the police with such respect and awe, it esd an added responsibility for me playing that role. There is curiosity too around it, and I used all of this to my
advantage. There is entertainment with a subtle message, and wrapped up in drama and sentiments and Pataki seems to have got it all. I slipped into another character and, for the first time, I had to do a clean shave and grow a long moustache.”

There is also working with Saikumar. “Today, when we think of khaki policeman on screen, the first face that pops up in our mind is that of Saikumar,” says Ganesh. “Getting an opportunity to work with him is another plus in Pataki. When I am trying something like this for the first time, it helps to have someone with such experience in playing such a role by my side. He gave me a boost of confidence,” says Ganesh. “My film is never complete without Sadhu Kokila and, like every time, our chemistry has worked very well in Pataki as well.”

The film has Ranya Rao paired opposite Ganesh that has music by Arjun Janya and cinematography by Venkatesh Anguraj.

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