JC transforms me into a rebel youth: Prakhyath

Prakhyath, who is halfway through shooting his sophomore project as an actor, directed by Chetan Jayaram, and is happy about landing a film since his 2018 debut and having Dhananjay's Daali Pictures backing it

Prakhyath garnered attention right from his debut in Naduve Antaravirali (2018), especially for the Shakuntale Sikkalu song that still remains a favourite among listeners. However, things didn’t quite go his way ever since, and it took him nearly four years to embark on his sophomore project, JC - The University.

“After my debut, I worked on two films that are yet to be released: one project involving five directors and another titled Salaam Bengaluru. I even had a project called Let’s Breakup, which was shot for 3 days but shelved later. I wasn’t out of work; it’s just that my films didn’t materialise until the JC project came along.

Through this experience, I realised that while new producers enter with great enthusiasm, execution often falls short. These were the first few lessons I took back home,” says Prakhyath, who, in between, managed to complete his engineering and took time for personal transformation. Now, halfway through shooting, Prakhyath admits that his patience has finally paid off as JC - The University, directed by Chetan Jayaram, has grown bigger and better, with Dhananjay backing the project under his Daali Pictures banner.

“Initially, the director and I collaborated to initiate the script, invested in preparing a showreel, and approached various projects. That is when we crossed paths with Dhananjay, who put faith in our script and us by deciding to back the film,” he says. JC, short for Judicial Custody, according to Prakyath, mirrors the judicial system—a place where people should reform upon their return.

However, inside the judicial system, they often turn from bad to worse, becoming involved in crime rather than reforming. “The film is not based on any specific incident, but some sequences are inspired by events in Bengaluru Central Jail,” explains Prakhyath, who plays a college-going boy and depicts his transformation into a rebel youth, portraying two shades in the film.

Meanwhile, the JC team is planning to resume with the next schedule in a jail setting. “Dhananjay has high expectations from us, especially with regard to my appeal to the masses as a young actor. I also feel that audiences in B and C centres are the star makers, and I should work towards entertaining them as well,” he says. JC has Karthik handling cinematography and Rohit Sower on board as music director.

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