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'Chathurmukham' movie review: Fresh ideas power this impressive horror-thriller

Chathurmukham, starring Manju Warrier, scores well because of the novelty of its ideas, anchored by cautious and skilful execution

published : 09 Apr 2021

Joji Movie Review: A chilling, Coen-esque crime drama

Director Dileesh Pothan and screenwriter Syam Pushkaran deliver one more winner.

published : 08 Apr 2021

'Innu Mudhal' movie review: A pleasingly quirky and light-hearted fantasy

Rejishh Midhila’s Innu Mudhal is a perfect example of a film with a simple core idea narrated with enough colour and ingenuity. It makes you feel good without overdoing it.

published : 07 Apr 2021

Mandela movie review: A bold, effective political satire

Mandela’s opening scene has an impactful shot that, for me, goes straight into the most daring frames of Tamil cinema.

published : 05 Apr 2021

'Bad Trip' movie review: A jolly good ride

The tonality and treatment are self-explanatory, with the story woven around a series of pranks, as hidden cameras capture the bewildered reactions of people.

published : 04 Apr 2021

Sulthan review: Bad villains and forced messaging stifle a great premise

There’s also the constant suggestion that Sulthan is The One, with a Baahubali-esque scene in which the baby is held aloft by the uncles.

published : 03 Apr 2021

Yuvarathnaa review: An entertaining commercial  film that also delivers a strong message

He seems to have found the perfect technique to deliver a powerful message in a film that also entertains the viewer.

published : 03 Apr 2021

Wild dog review: An honest thriller that plays it a bit too safe  

He is a killing machine, a father dealing with the death of his only daughter, a dedicated officer committed to bringing down terrorist organisations, but he is also the charming Nagarjuna.

published : 03 Apr 2021

Nomadland review: A brilliant exploration of the idea of home

The gypsum plant in her town closed its doors rendering almost all of the population there jobless, and even its ZIP Code was discontinued.

published : 03 Apr 2021

Irul review: Sinister and unintentionally funny at once

Irul is marred by miscasting and a disappointing final twist

published : 03 Apr 2021

'Aarkariyaam' movie review: A thought-provoking family drama with a surprise factor

Cinematographer Sanu John Varghese makes an assured directorial debut with a convention-breaking film.

published : 02 Apr 2021

Biriyaani review: Unflinchingly bold and honest tale of liberation

Sajin Baabu’s new film doesn’t spare anyone; it shows people as they are

published : 30 Mar 2021

'Deadly Illusions' movie review: A confusing attempt

The story is about a couple who decide to hire a nanny to help manage household chores as the woman tries to overcome writer's block and finish her novel.

published : 28 Mar 2021

Rang De review: A breezy entertainer

Even the routine slang jokes are presented with a dash of freshness and in a less annoying manner.

published : 27 Mar 2021

Kadan review: Rana saves the forest, but not the film

With much respect to the efforts that have clearly gone into the making of this film that involves very many elephants and of course, VFX, it’s the wafer-thin, predictable plot that lets it down.

published : 27 Mar 2021